10 times Lily lost her cool over Augustus’ mistakes in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

When there’s a villain, there’s also a sidekick. However, some right-hand men bring more hassle than help, turning the ‘partnership’ a little funny. In FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, Lily (Lorna Tolentino) may have found a loyal (just loyal, she said) assistant in Augustus (Augustus Dax) but the problem is she couldn’t get anything bright and good from him, leading to her angry verbal outbursts, shown in this Kapamilya Toplist.

We begin with a scene where Lily praised Augustus for doing her orders, the only time she was happy about something he did. By the next minute, she was annoyed with his mindless questions about her meeting with Lito (Richard Gutierrez). “Kailangan ko pa bang sabihin sa’yo?” she retorted. Trying to put her servant to good use, she ordered him to report all that’s happening in the presidential palace instead of prying on her whereabouts.

It turned out to be just the beginning of Lily’s worst headache as Augustus failed to keep an eye on the real President Oscar (Rowell Santiago). Lily stormed to the palace’s ICU and found their bodyguards sleeping, because of the medicine Elizabeth (Whitney Tyson) put in their drinks. Staring at the empty bed, Augustus made another mindless statement and the result was Lily’s hand hitting his face with a slap. “Hindi ba kayo napapagod sa pagiging walang silbi? Gamit-gamitin n’yo naman ang utak ninyo, please!” she told him.  

As a solution, Lily decided to shell out five million pesos for Oscar’s search. The punchline was Augustus asking if he can join the race as well. Lily gave him the go signal if that’s the only way to motivate him to make progress.

There was a scene where Lily compared Augustus to her protégé, Cassandra (Maika Rivera), who was then starting to execute their plans about Mariano (Rowell Santiago). The duo watched Cassandra seduce Mariano so well. Augustus praised the seductress, which led to Lily’s burning reply, “Mabuti pa si Cassandra ang bilis matuto. Ikaw, ang tagal na nating magkasama, bopol ka pa rin.”

If only she had someone else to confide in, Lily wouldn’t waste her time talking to Augustus because anything he says sounds like crap to her. There was a scene where Lily shared how impressed and happy she was after Lito recruited the Black Ops to join forces with them. Augustus tried to make a suggestion but it didn’t sit well with Lily, nothing ever does actually.

There was a time when Lily tagged along as her men searched for President Oscar, Elizabeth, and Ambo (Nonong Ballinan). Augustus was scolded for chatting with the other men on the phone and was told to be alert. Concerned, or maybe silently wishing his boss wasn’t there, he said Madam Lily should’ve just stayed in the palace for her safety. She made clear why she had to monitor the search, “Ang bagal mo mag-isip! Nauuna kasi ang dila bago ang utak.”

Augustus was close to fixing all his errors when they finally discovered President Oscar’s hiding place but the latter was able to escape again. So when he had to break the bad news to the First Lady, he got another round of yelling and insulting from his boss. Lily shouted, “Ang dami mo nang kapalpakan sa akin, Augustus! Gusto na kitang patayin! Iisa lang ang katangian mo. Loyal ka, ‘yun lang!”

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