10 times Cardo brushed off wrath and revenge to care for his enemy Lia in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

As a cop and a family man, Cardo Dalisay (Coco Martin) is known for showing no mercy to his enemies especially when his loved ones are hurt. So, imagine the wrath he felt when he saw Lia Mante (Jane De Leon), the Black Ops officer who he believes gunned down his wife Alyana (Yassi Pressman). But in a surprising twist of fate, Cardo and Lia ended up living under the same roof and the unforgiving Task Force Agila commander slowly turned soft towards his enemy, shown in these scenes from the teleserye FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

This Kapamilya Toplist opens with the scene where Cardo abducted Lia to avenge Alyana’s death. Despite the fury, kindness still rests in Cardo’s heart, which is why it was easy for him to tend to Lia’s wounds and make sure she’s completely recovered from their recent shootout. Besides, he will never kill a defenceless woman for mere sadistic reasons. He hijacked a residential house so they can have a place to stay and Lia may recover fast.

Lia felt tired and hungry while wandering in an unfamiliar territory. They were looking for a new hideout following a death-defying encounter with the Black Ops and a group of armed men. Cardo would tell Lia to stop complaining but deep inside was concerned about his hostage. Knowing she’s starving, he decided to feed her by fishing and cook using the food items found in a small raft.

She was the first woman besides Alyana to taste Cardo’s cooking. Hungry as a wolf, Lia devoured the food, bringing a smile on Cardo’s face. He poked fun at her manner of eating and it was actually the first time since Alyana’s death that Cardo managed to smile again.

A tragic skirmish against Renato (John Arcilla)’s army forced Lia to harbour the Task Force Agila. And as days pass, Cardo and Lia see each other’s true colors – kind, selfless, and sincere. The Mante family suffers from Fernando (Christian Vasquez) betrayal, and Lia got a double dose of pain when Albert (Geoff Eigenman) broke up with her for the second time around.

Cardo arrived at the Mante abode and caught Lia crying. We saw traces of worry in his eyes as he glanced at her. In their alone time, Cardo contemplates the surprising feelings of pity and care for his supposed enemy. He thought Lia’s situation was making him feel sentimental, feeling for her pain.

Cardo finally mellowed down one night to comfort Lia and encourage her to forgive Fernando for his betrayal. He said he understands the hurt but circumstances also taught him that a family is irreplaceable and that a wounded ego is better than a broken relationship.

The recent scenes of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano hint at a brewing love triangle between Cardo and Lia, and the latter’s sister, Audrey (Aya Fernandez). Will Cardo finally heal from the hurt of the past? And who between Lia and Audrey will make his heart beat again?

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