10 scenes that show Samuel and Lucas are each other’s ally in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

Brothers Samuel (Michael Flores) and Lucas (Joseph Marco) may not always see eye to eye but nothing could ever break the love between them. As they go through a series of conflicts, they learn to trust no one else but each other, shown in this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

The loss of parents and loved ones due to the massacre ordered by Don Ignacio (Tommy Abuel) is too much of a pain. But Samuel and Lucas have each other to somewhat halve their sufferings. They vowed to punish Don Ignacio, which is also their group’s main goal, but they have to follow the commands of their leader Armando (John Estrada).

Due to their strong emotions, they often bypass Armando’s leadership such as when they rescued the farmers’ daughters abducted by Don Ignacio’s henchmen. In the scene, Samuel disobeyed Cardo (Coco Martin)’s plan, jealous that the latter gained Armando’s trust in spearheading the mission. Samuel attacked in an instant despite Lucas’ reminder to control his temper. The mission almost failed because of his greed.

Although the Task Force Agila managed to recover, the incident resulted in a brawl at Armando’s group’s hideout. Samuel and Lucas pushed Cardo to his limits, so they got the lesson they deserve. Yet, they stuck by each other in receiving Cardo’s wrathful punches.

With wounded faces and egos, the brothers remained solid in their intention to crush the Agilas. They pretended to be by Cardo’s side. But behind closed doors, Samuel and Lucas bit by bit formed their small faction, influencing their teammates to hate on Cardo, and Armando even. They also used Omar (John Wayne Sace) to spy on the Agilas after finding out his hidden motive to take revenge on Cardo’s group.

Although driven by selfishness, we can’t deny the brothers’ loyalty to each other. There was a scene where Samuel told Lucas to ignore his feelings for Mara (Julia Montes) because she’s a Guillermo, the granddaughter of their biggest enemy, that’s why loving her would only bring him trouble. Samuel told Lucas that they should trust no one but each other.

However, it seems nothing can convince Lucas to stop caring for Mara. He asked Cardo’s help in searching for Mara, leading to more conflict. Samuel ordered Lucas to stop his foolishness, knowing Armando’s capability to kill a friend once provoked.

But tables turned. Lucas saw the Agilas’ kindness when they did not hesitate to help him look for Mara. In the teaser for the next episodes, we see Lucas trying to save the Agilas from Armando selling them out to the enemies.

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