Scenes Cardo Lias chemistry as action stars

Bent on avenging his wife Alyana (Yassi Pressman)’s death, Cardo (Coco Martin)’s anger drives him in making reckless decisions such as having Lia (Jane De Leon) captive. But he seems to have found a match in the well-trained and dauntless Black Ops officer. The mad cop and his hostage served us super polished, highly-choreographed action scenes in the latest episodes of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. So be sure to check out this Kapamilya Toplist!

Tension escalated when Lia tried to arrest Cardo after keeping a close watch on him overnight in a motel. Things were slow-paced at first as she carefully tried to catch him in his room only to discover that the target managed to sneak out of the back doors, leading to a heart-stopping chase scene which netizens playfully dubbed as an infinite gun battle. Lia was badly shot, giving Cardo enough chances to escape but not without taking her as hostage.

The two ended up hiding upstairs a huge house in an isolated area maintained by caretakers and couple Teban (Mitoy Yonting) and Pilar (Giselle Sanchez). Even Cardo’s patience has its limits and his seemingly newfound arrogance forces him to engage in endless arguments with Lia.

Hearing Teban and Pilar come in, Lia tried to escape by jumping out of the mezzanine. She gasped for courage but only to be stopped by Cardo pointing his gun at her.

The next events unleashed Cardo’s wild side, challenged by the headstrong Lia who just never runs out of fighting spirit. She broke her leg after jumping out of a window in another attempt to escape. It led them to a chase scene in a farm and later on Cardo’s plan to sexually abuse Lia. Viewers were totally shocked over Cardo’s evil behavior but Lia woke up to reveal that everything’s just a dream.

But just like a premonition, some parts of Lia’s dream turned real sans the rape scene. Lia’s next escape plan led them to Teban and Pilar’s place. The couple thankfully treated her leg and fed them. Just as when we thought Cardo and Lia got exhausted from the endless chase, they stunned everyone with an epic showdown against a group of men targeting the house’s owner. 

Cardo and Lia fought side by side to topple the enemies down. There was a lack of dialogue – no talks, just pure action delivered in an engrossing choreography. Cardo swerved bullets while swinging from the vines. Lia joined the battle. Now we have two fighters merged for a single mission.

However, the comradeship won’t last long as the Black Ops under Albert (Geoff Eigenmann)’s command would soon arrive to save Lia. We know Cardo is never the type to surrender, so he used Lia as a hostage to escape Albert’s group.

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