10 scenes showing how Ivan loved and cared for Lia in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

There is nothing so pure than a love that waits in silence and never begs to be returned. That’s how Ivan (Vance Larena) showed his feelings for his ‘pards’ Lia (Jane De Leon) in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. As Ivan’s quintessential best friend character bids goodbye, let us reminisce the sweet moments he hinted at how much he likes Lia via this Kapamilya Toplist.

Lia and Ivan were introduced in the show as members of the elite force Black Ops. As the story progressed since their trending match against Task Force Agila, we learned that Lia is in a relationship and in fact the fiancée of their commanding officer Abert (Geoff Eigenman). Ivan, on the other hand, is harbouring feelings for Lia. It was easy to tell, though, just look at the way he stares at her and keep her happy at all times. 

There was never a day Ivan’s concern waned. When Lia received subtle insults for being pushed on the sidelines for a high-profile case, Ivan kept quiet but he looked at her with so much care. 

In the next scene, he asked her to leave the office already because it was getting late. She insisted to stay and finish her paper works. They smiled at each other, broke the formality, and exchanged ritualized ‘pards’ handshake. He then decided to keep her company. That’s Ivan’s secret love language to Lia – always making sure his presence is felt especially in her lonesome moments.

He never failed to empathize with her. He said he feels the pain everytime she gets into a fight with Albert. Not that he wanted to steal the girl, Ivan simply wished Lia would learn her worth and stop playing martyr to please Albert. He wanted her to realize that the relationship has already gone cold and one-sided. So, he told her, “Mahalin mo muna ang sarili mo bago mo mahalin ang iba.”  

When Lia discovered Albert and Andrea (AJ Raval)’s secret affair, she opened up to Ivan and blamed herself. And Lia trying to drag herself down for someone else’s mistake is the last thing Ivan would want to hear. He told her to stop being too sacrificial. The scene cut to Ivan and the gang listening to Albert’s rants about Lia trying to spoil his promotion. Ivan controlled his rage and calmly came to Lia’s defense. 

Ivan was worried when Lia went missing. Assuming that Lia was abducted, Ivan vowed to save her and kill Cardo if something bad happens to her. During Black Ops’ recent encounter with the Task Force Agila, Ivan boldly sacrificed his own life to avenge his friend, leading to his death. And his dying wish is for Lia to get saved and know how he truly feels.

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