Toplist FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano finale

FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano became part of our routines for seven years, thus we got deeply invested in the show. And with a finale week that brought us an immense amount of mixed emotions, it wouldn’t be that easy to move on.  

It has been days since “Ang Pambansang Pagtatapos” [LINK OUT https://ent.abs-cbn.com/angprobinsyano/articles-news/mission-accomplished-for-cardo-task-force-agila-in-fpjs-ang-probinsyano-finale-17921] (Friday, August 12) but the hangover is still here, which is why Kapamilya Toplist collated the most haunting scenes from the finale week of the teleserye that can never be forgotten.

We witnessed Task Force Agila go through death-defying missions and survive each time. So, even when they were held hostage by Renato (John Arcilla) and Lucio (Raymond Bagatsing)’s group, there was hope that Cardo (Coco Martin) would arrive on time to save his comrades as he always did in the past. 

But, the next events left us distressed, and we could still feel the horror and pain up to this moment. No one could have anticipated the Agilas would suffer from torture, let alone die in their final mission. Among the most talked about scenes from the finale week is Team Alpha – Roxanne (Shaina Magdayao), Victor (Raymart Santiago), Jerome (John Prats), Rigor (Marc Solis), James (Jay Gonzaga), Martial (Smugglaz), and Dante (Bassilyo) – treated like animals. They were beaten up until their bones are crushed, executed in cold blood. 

The tortured Agilas were then used as lure for the police force and President Oscar (Rowell Santiago). James was tied to a tree and the rebels each took a knife, creating a tense atmosphere. With Kidlat (Karl Medina) spitting out threats, we knew things are about to get horrifying. The Agilas must shoot fast before the enemies can hit James, but eventually, the latter died of stab wounds. 

Shaina and Raymart’s death scenes involve all components that make for a gut-wrenching episode – physical torture, sexual assault, strong emotions of love and pain, and acting brilliance. In the third finale episode, Lucio molested Roxanne, then, had Victor watch the evil act upon knowing the two shares a special relationship. The misery in Roxanne’s eyes, the anguish in Victor’s made it all the more disturbing; and as viewers put it, an eye-opener to the injustices faced by our valiant uniformed men and women who sacrifice their own lives for the country. 

In the next episode, Victor managed to untie his hands. With his remaining strength, he managed to save Roxanne from Eduardo (Roi Vinzon)’s sexual assault by hitting his head repeatedly with a rock. Victor’s desire to protect Roxanne gave us hope that they’d get out of there alive. However, Renato shot Victor, and Roxanne next. 

It didn’t end there as Team Bravo – Diana (Angel Aquino), Ramil (Michael De Mesa), Billy (John Medina), Greco (Sancho delas Alas), and Patrick (CJ Ramos) – fought until their final breath. Angel’s emotionally-charged closing dialogue sparked a sense of patriotism and hope among Filipino viewers. 

Cardo was then shot by Renato and his men, keeping us guessing whether he’d die like his friends or be the last man standing. Then, President Oscar came back when he realized he left Cardo behind, and threw a barrage of bullets at the enemies, killing off the notorious villain, Renato, who, even at his death, lusted over power. 

As the Agilas’ deaths had us feeling emotional, the bad guys’ comeuppance gave us great feelings of ‘ggil’ and satisfaction. Armando (John Estrada) amputated by the Agilas was a trending topic among viewers and netizens; as well as Lily (Lorna Tolentino) dying in the encounter. With his crimes including making the bomb that killed Cardo’s son, Lucio sure deserves punishment as cruel as getting decapitated by Cardo’s own kris sword. 

A happy ending is a guaranteed trending topic, too. Fans can’t get enough of the ‘kilig’ brought by Mara (Julia Montes)’s re-appearance in the show. In the last episode’s final gap, Cardo is seen embarking on a new life in the province. The scene was set up by a voice-over where he mentioned his hopes to meet someone who could make him feel complete again. Then, he saw Mara, and the two happily stared at each other.

Which scene from FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano you can’t get over with, Kapamilya?