Sexy actresses who spice up FPJAP

Being an action and drama series, the ensemble cast of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano is mostly comprised by men. But throughout its seven years, several interesting female characters portrayed by actresses were introduced, who indeed provided different flavors to exciting and action-packed journey of Cardo Dalisay (Coco Martin).

And as the long-running series approaches its “Ang Pambansang Pagtatapos,” let’s meet the 10 ravishing who once spiced up our primetime with their remarkable stints in this feature. 

First off is Meg Imperial, whose character Maribel “Marie” Alegre charmed not only Benny (Pepe Herrera) who had a huge crush on her, but the viewers as well in the inaugural season. She was a hardworking college student who worked part-time as a stripper at a club to fund her college education. Cardo once saved her when one of the customers forced her to “table” with him.

It was also in the first season wherein Sam Pinto mesmerized us as Isabel, a burlesque queen. She immediately stole the show just on her very first appearance with her graceful dance moves and seductive look, which were enough to convince Romano “Chairman” Recio (Ronnie Lazaro), the leader of an influential mafia group in the series that she indeed deserves to be his queen.

Jessy Mendiola entered in Season 5 as she portrayed Andi, the alluring nurse who helped tend to the wounds of Cardo-led rebel group Vendetta. She was later on tapped by Cardo to be their asset in one of their missions against the Cabreras by posing as one of the performers at the birthday party of Brandon Cabrera (Mark Anthony Fernandez). 

Ivana Alawi had her remarkable stint in the sixth season of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, as she was chosen to play Madonna, the lover of notorious drug syndicate leader Gustavo, impeccably portrayed by late veteran actor Eddie Garcia. From sweeping him off his feet with her enthralling splendor, she later on got him fuming mad after he discovered her affair with his most trusted right-hand Gascon (Ryan Eigenmann), which resulted to them getting killed separately.

Another actress to endear us with her femme fatale character is Denise Laurel. She appeared in Season 7 as Police Major Alessandra “Alex” Romero, who was the superior of Cardo and his comrades when they were reinstated and/or promoted to become part of the police force. She unfortunately faced her tragic death during one of their operations against Baron Geisler’s cruel character Bungo.

Of course, who would forget Rhen Escaño’s Clarice – the rich and spoiled daughter of Judge Arturo Padua (Tirso Cruz III) who had a big crush on Cardo? Those who have been avidly watching the series would surely remember all too well that she had the chance to kiss him after staging her own harassment to which he immediately acted. Just when the viewers began to adore her, she fell to her demise after she was accidentally shot by Lily (Lorna Tolentino) who was then attempting to fire at Cardo. 

Without a doubt, Ara Mina went on to become one of the most remarkable actresses to ever appeared on FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano as we found her character Ellen either vexing or pitiful.  She’s the partner of Arturo (Tirso Cruz III), who eventually had an affair with Mariano (Rowell Santiago), the doppelgänger of President Oscar Hidalgo hired by Lily, in pursuit of fulfilling her personal ambitions.

Maika Rivera surely caught the attention of the viewers as she played Cassandra, the sultry niece of Lily who she hired to become the fake president’s executive assistant. But as her aunt noticed how Mariano was seemingly smitten by her, she also was tasked to seduce him and eventually became his girlfriend, which resulted to her becoming his baby mama. Although she did everything to please her, Lily ordered to have her killed via suffocation as she dared to speak about one of her past crimes – the death of Clarice.

From fascinating us with her movie portrayals, popular sexy actress AJ Raval went on to wow us with her stint in the long-running TV series as she played Police Captain Andrea Villar, a member of the Black Ops Unit spearheaded by PMaj. Albert De Vela (Geoff Eigenmann) – and his paramour. She was killed by Police Major Basco (Raymart Santiago) during an encounter with Task Force Agila.

Last, but definitely not the least is Marela Torre, who impressed us with her portrayal of Thalia, the most trusted head of security of Don Ignacio (Tommy Abuel), who eventually had an affair with Major De Vela. 

Who among these actresses astounded you the most with her/their performance? 

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