10 kilig scenes that made you thought Cardo and Lia could be the endgame in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

In her half a year of stay in Cardo (Coco Martin)’s action-packed world, Lia (Jane De Leon) gained legions of supporters shipping her with the staunch cop. If you are starting to miss their badass yet adorable tandem, check out this Kapamilya Toplist that collects CarLia’s kilig moments in the primetime teleserye FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

Cardo and Lia exude undeniable chemistry even in their bickering moments. He treated her as a hostage in the beginning. But when Lia suffered from a leg injury out of her desperate attempt to escape, Cardo slowly softened up towards the Black Ops Captain. He even helped her walk towards her room so she could take a rest.

Cardo needed more time to contemplate what to do with his hostage, leading to more time spent together and getting to know each other until they felt comfortable. Wandering around an unfamiliar territory, Lia tried to run away by pretending to ask for toilet time. She was able to escape a distance but he managed to catch her. He carried the sulky woman and spanked her like a child.

The next events turned out to be climacteric in Cardo’s decision-making as he got to develop an unlikely bond with Lia, and the latter saw his true motive as well. In a scene, Lia demanded for food. Albeit annoyed, Cardo decided to feed her by fishing and taking the food items found in a small raft.

Cardo smiled a little while watching Lia devour the food. And it was the first time since a tragic event that he smiled again.

In a surprising turn of events, Lia found herself harbouring Cardo and the Task Force Agila in their house. That’s where they witnessed more of each other’s vulnerability. Cardo saw Lia suffer from her father’s betrayal. He gave her comfort and advice about the importance of forgiveness in keeping a family intact. As Lia slept at the garden area that night, Cardo was there to watch her, musing on why he’s suddenly sympathizing with her.

Lia’s last scene in the series would have to be the saddest and also a favorite of CarLia shippers. She confessed to Cardo that Albert (Geoff Eigenmann) is Alyana (Yassi Pressman)’s real gunman. She thanked him for everything. They asked each other to take care and then shared a heartfelt embrace.

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