10 Kapamilya actresses who flexed their action skills in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

Over the years, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano opened the doors for Kapamilya actresses to flex their action skills. Here’s a Kapamilya Toplist featuring 10 talented ladies who threw punches, fought with guns, and took on ‘astig’ action scenes in the series.

The list starts with Maja Salvador as Glen Corpuz, a female cop who had special feelings for Cardo (Coco Martin). Playing a policewoman, Maja was expected to display her natural flair for beautifully choreographed action scenes. There was an episode where she climbed on a car’s hood while Cardo was driving.

Yassi Pressman joined the teleserye as investigative reporter Alyana Arevalo. Soon, as the better half of Cardo, she was forced to join his group in their missions and learn how to handle a gun.

Playing a special role as a SAF officer, Louise delos Reyes was unstoppable in her scenes simulating hardcore trainings for cadets. She was seen handling a gun, taking on obstacle course, and fighting with male antagonists. Louise’s Katrina Velasco engaged in more action when her team was abducted by a group of rebels.

Angel Aquino as General Diana Olegario remains one of Task Force Agila’s pillars in fighting and decision-making. The seasoned actress brought something new to the table when she slayed in a combat with martial arts hotshot Janice Hung playing Meilin.

Denise Laurel was sultry and badass as Major Alessandra Romero. She was handed special tasks such as infiltrating a gay bar that operates as a drug den. For that operation, Alessandra’s team pretended as customers, thus she fought in all her finery – bejewelled dress, glam look, and high heels.

Judy Ann Santos proved that she would never run out of surprises when she played a clandestine killer with Dissociative Personality Disorder named Jane. Her special guesting didn’t thrill as she was switching between different personas including one that’s flirty, and another a ruthless killer who butchers men.

As the notorious drug lord Lily Cortez, Lorna Tolentino was required to hold guns and kill in some scenes. She was the one who shot Clarice (Rhen Escaño).

There was a time when Shaina Magdayao’s Major Roxanne Opeña was the only rose among the thorns. She proved that females can be badass troopers by being one of Task Force Agila’s best fighters.

Jane De Leon is the actress who had the most intense and stunningly choreographed action scenes in the series, thus far. Her character, Lia Mante, was at par with Cardo’s fighting skills and many times they fought side by side. There was a scene where she tried to defeat Cardo in an astounding gun battle, joined the Task Force Agila in a fight against Renato (John Arcilla)’s team, and operated a crane while Cardo hung by its hook.

Introduced as Cardo’s “last love,” Julia Montes aka Mara was once a simple farmer’s daughter. But a tragic event changed the course of her journey and she was groomed to become a tough female assassin tasked to kill a wealthy man named Don Guillermo (Tommy Abuel).

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