10 intense scenes of John Estrada as Armando in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

As a vengeful man hiding a compassionate heart of a father, Armando’s character in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano requires big emotions and natural flair for action and drama. And we couldn’t imagine any other actor playing the role than John Estrada, whose acting credibility shines in these scenes from the long-running action-drama series.

In this Kapamilya Toplist, we rounded up ten intense scenes of Armando, beginning with the dauntless pact among the farmers to end Don Ignacio (Tommy Abuel)’s wickedness. Armando stood up as the leader and vowed to drive his team toward the same goal, which is to kill Don Ignacio.

Besides dramatic moments, John is also reliable in action and confrontation scenes. He’s able to depict anger and lenience locking horns with his best friend Samuel (Michael Flores), whose selfish ambition puts the group in danger.  In one scene, Armando punished Samuel for disrupting the planned ambush attack on Don Ignacio, and in another, for leaving Mara (Julia Montes) behind during a skirmish.

Tension also flared up when Samuel started to question Armando giving Cardo (Coco Martin) and Task Force Agila the power to head their next missions. Armando was furious yet kept his emotions in control for their friendship’s sake.

But nothing bursts his rage more than seeing his enemies face to face. John embodied the fury of a vengeful guy in a scene with Don Ignacio’s character. The scene showcased an excellent build up as Armando delivered a narrative of his family’s miserable fate until he started to beat up the old man.

Same level of intensity could be seen as Armando reunited with President Oscar (Rowell Santiago), unaware that the latter is the imposter Mariano (Rowell Santiago). Armando’s anger got so much bigger when triggered by tragic memories of families lost due to Don Ignacio’s ordered massacre brought about by President Oscar and Aurora (Sharon Cuneta)’s relationship. 

John may be screaming out his rage in most scenes but he also delivers in the most dramatic, quiet moments. He felt gut-wrenching anger upon learning that Lolita (Rosanna Roces) had Mara punished. He lashed out at his wife, who reminded him that the enemies’ blood runs in Mara’s veins because she is a Guillermo, Don Ignacio’s granddaughter.

There was a scene where he sat beside the bloodied and unconscious Mara and felt sorry for her situation. A father’s compassion could be seen in Armando’s eyes but he had to display anger for mission’s sake.

Will Armando’s thirst for vendetta triumph over his concern toward Mara? Don’t miss an episode of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, weeknights, on Kapamilya ChannelKapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.