10 heartwarming scenes of Audrey as a loving daughter and sister in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

The character of Doctor Audrey Mante (Aya Fernandez) died in a recent episode of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano and viewers are sad, as if they lost a real family member. If you are missing Audrey, be sure to check out this Kapamilya Toplist that rounds up her most heartwarming scenes as a daughter and sister in the action-drama series.

We first met Audrey after her sister Lia (Jane De Leon) was abducted by Cardo (Coco Martin). The Mante family suffered from worry and fear but it was Audrey who brought them hope. The gorgeous doctor has the gift of optimism, always looking at the brighter and hopeful side even when the world around her is crestfallen.

Audrey’s little way of helping is through giving her parents moral support. She was there to soothe their weary hearts and trust that the authorities will do everything to save her sister.

Lia soon came home, escorted by Cardo Dalisay and the Task Force Agila, bringing her family close to danger. The tumultuous uproar in the Mante abode didn’t break Audrey’s compassion. She sees the good people, which is why she would easily understand Lia’s decision to take the Task Force Agila in. And if that’s the only way they could be with Lia again, Audrey is willing to offer more. “Kung kailangan namin magsakripisyo para lang makasama ka, gagawin namin,” she told her sister.

Yet, she’s smart enough to see past other people’s mask. In a scene, Audrey listened to Lia open up about Albert (Geoff Eigenman)’s betrayal. She said she never liked Albert because of his arrogance. She then offered her sister pieces of advice about love and relationships. Like a treasure trove of wisdom, Audrey’s words are on point and truthful, “Huwag mong panghinayangan ang isang relasyon na ikasisira ng buhay mo. Sa tamang panahon, may tamang tao din na darating sa buhay mo,” Audrey reminded Lia.

Doctors are expected to soothe our pain. This may be why Audrey is so good at giving her family comfort in times of challenges. The patriarch, Fernando (Christian Vasquez)’s marital sin was brought out into the open, driving the Mante family on the brink of separation. Audrey was there to comfort their mom Amalia (Cristina Gonzales) and give advice. She never insisted on her personal wishes or what would make her happy, instead she let their mom make the decision.

Audrey’s patience paid off when her parents decided to fix their family, eliciting happy tears during a breakfast scene. “Ang saya saya ko ngayon kasi buo pa rin ‘yung pamilya natin. Kahit ang bibigat ng mga pinagdadaanan ng pamilya natin, hindi pa rin tayo nagkakahiwalay,” she smiled in between tears.

Audrey is the most loving ‘Ate’ we could ever ask for. In her last scene with Lia, she expressed pride over her younger sister’s selfless acts as a Black Ops officer. She was happy for Lia, who was also back in service. Before leaving for work, she embraced Lia and told her,  “Payakap naman. Susulitin ko na baka ito na ‘yung huling beses na mayakap kita.” And that was one of the sweetest sisterly ‘lambing’ we have seen.

In the recent episodes, Audrey was brutally killed by Enrique Vera (Simon Ibarra), her father’s client and friend-turned-foe. Watch out how Lia and the Task Force Agila would avenge Audrey’s death in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.