10 flirty, funny scenes of Mariano juggling Ellen and Cassandra in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

Each character in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano is fighting their individual problems. But among them, the imposter Mariano (Rowell Santiago) seems to have the best dilemma – getting torn between two gorgeous women seeking his attention, well actually the throne as First Lady. Check out this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes that shows how Mariano struggles with the juggle!

We begin with a flirty encounter between Mariano and his “baby girl” Cassandra (Maika Rivera). Due to their wide age gap, Mariano feels like he’s getting younger whenever Cassandra is around. That explains the wardrobe swap. He also asked her to stop using the word “opo” as a sign of respect because he can be her “oppa.” Then, Ellen (Ara Mina) stormed to his room and caught them getting too close. 

Things looked rosy with Cassandra, Lily (Lorna Tolentino)’s secret ‘kontrabida’ protégé, until she ordered Ellen's eviction from the fictitious Presidential palace. In order to please Cassandra, Mariano promised to do so and give his love only to Cassandra from then on.

However, there’s no way a man can resist Ellen. Instead of cutting their illicit affair, Mariano decided to give Ellen her own place. He brought her to his compound and visits her once in a while, if he’s not too busy with his other girlfriend. Later on, he also asked the pregnant Cassandra to occupy the opposite area of the same compound, thinking he’ll beat the odds.  

It sure takes a lot of ‘diskarte’ for two-timers like Mariano to hide their activities. However, cheaters are going to get caught no matter how confident and seemingly experts they are. Ellen and Cassandra bumped into each other at the pool area. With the two women ready to fight for the same territory, Mariano was dared to make his choice. But he couldn’t. So, he thought of a funny solution – make a schedule. “Parehoko kayong mahal! Sa’yo ang umaga, sa akin ang gabi. Pero kung ayaw ninyo, M-W-F, T-TH-S!”

What makes Mariano feel so cool about this ‘pogi problem’ is that he has the face of the most powerful man in the country. He said that as long as people believe he’s President Oscar Mariano, he can provide Ellen and Cassandra everything they need. With that, he said the girls should feel lucky and savor the good life instead of fighting non-stop.

Well it’s too late because the competition has become too wild. Cassandra now carries Mariano’s child, which she takes advantage of to get what she wants. In a scene, she pressured Mariano into providing her a new house; if not, she will run away and make sure he doesn’t get to see his beloved Mariano Jr.

The next scene shows Mariano enjoying Ellen’s cooking. Cassandra arrived to cut the seemingly happy scene, leading to another round of female clash. Cassandra declared an early victory, saying Mariano has already promised her a new house. Besides, she has Baby Mariano Jr. in her womb. Caught in the middle, Mariano stepped out of the war zone to breathe. Pogi problem! Talking to himself, he said he doesn’t know what to do with Ellen and Cassandra’s endless fights anymore but he cares more about his child.

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