Ellen wants to be First Lady Probinsyano

Desperate and daring, Ellen (Ara Mina) will play with fire just to turn her political ambitions into reality in the action-drama series FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. Here are some of the most drastic moves she made, eyeing the throne of the country’s First Lady and taking on an easier but more evil route going there.

We begin this Kapamilya Toplist with that scene of Ellen learning Lily (Lorna Tolentino), Renato (John Arcilla), and Art (Tirso Cruz III)’s deepest secret about planting President Oscar (Rowell Santiago)'s decoy in the palace.

Soon, she used this knowledge to destroy Malacañang’s power trio. We didn’t know Ellen had real scheming skills in her. We saw her as a weakling, a housewife who only uses her husband Art’s influence to keep her lavish fantasies. But she turned out to be as cunning as all of them.

Ellen betrayed her spouse by conniving with Renato. The game plan said Renato must control Mariano (Rowell Santiago) but in order to tame the latter at all times, Ellen must also use her flesh as bait. They were able to rule over the government, much to Lily’s protest.  

The original First Lady, Lily, couldn’t just let her rivals run the show, thus Cassandra (Maika Rivera)’s entrance. Just as Ellen thought she had Mariano wrapped around her little finger, the fake president completely lost his head over the new temptress in the palace.

To take Mariano back, Ellen would remind him of what they once had by going intimate with him.  She’d never mind using her body and even thought of giving Mariano a child. She also considered it a little act of revenge against Arturo who failed to satisfy her thirst for prestige and power.
The ambitious woman enjoyed every bit of splendid attention and gifts she received from her secret lover. Art threw her out but Mariano willingly took her to a bigger compound. She loved to imagine herself as the First Lady making heads turn wherever she goes.

Karma, however, started to mess up Ellen’s games. Her affair with Mariano lost its steam. She was beaten up at one point. And if it weren’t for her alleged pregnancy, she would’ve suffered more.

As Mariano plays up big time, Art works on his political ambitions by running as Vice President. Ellen knew she had to choose the better bet and that’s no other than Art. In one scene, on bended knees and with tears, she begged Art to take her back.

But in another, she’s seen talking to Renato and going along with his orders again. It turned out she’s just playing her cards well, keeping something up her sleeve and still very much determined to become the country’s First Lady. Her game plan was to pull strings with everyone until Art becomes the Vice President, then, she’d work on evicting Renato or whoever’s on the seat until she finally becomes the most influential woman in the country. 

The struggle of supremacy is getting more intense. Better not miss an episode of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.