Watch Lily and Augustus’ funniest TikTok videos for your daily dose of comedy!

In the hit teleserye FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, the characters usually has a partner or a whole gang (like the Agilas) sticking by them in everything they face. One of our favorite tandems from the series is that of Lily (Lorna Tolentino) and Augustus (Dax Augustus) for the many times they made us laugh with their subtle yet sharp ‘’banat.’

Behind-The-Scenes: The surprisingly funny kontrabida-sidekick tandem of Lorna and Dax

It’s unlikely for a powerful First Lady to put up with a slow-witted sidekick. But in her case, Lily plays the hand she’s been dealt since Augustus is the only one to show unwavering loyalty despite her ‘taray’ moments. And the result is their naturally funny banter. She once called him a ‘Marites’. She told him to sharpen his mind a little by taking vitamins. In another scene, Lily got so hilariously ‘gigil’ she wanted to kill Augustus and said he only one has good quality: “Loyal! Yun lang!”

The best part about their tandem is that they also go wacky behind the scenes! Lorna and Dax love to amuse their followers through TikTok uploads, which we collated here, so all you have to do is watch and laugh out loud.

In the entry below, Augustus asked Madam Lily how she’d react if he crosses over to the enemies’ camp. Lily threatened to slap him with a slipper, bringing him back to his senses.



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“Wish me luck, guys!” Augustus had to ask for prayers before meeting his boss because he knows for sure “papagalitan na naman ako.” Haha!


@daxaugustus pero love ako nyan sa totoong buhay guys! pramis! Hahaha. #fpjsangprobinsyano ♬ original sound - Dax Augustus


When will you learn to ask the right questions, Augustus?



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Or, even wash your clothes?



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Well, at least he’s loyal. As proof, he copied Lily’s hairstyle.



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Lesson learned: Don’t make TikTok videos in front of your boss.



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Or, do it quick while she’s busy. Augustus finally perfected his Ginseng Strip version without Lily scolding him.


@daxaugustus Nakalusot ng Tiktok kay Madam! Nyahahaha! @lornatolentinof #fpjsangprobinsyano #angprobinsyano ♬ Ginseng Strip 2002 - Yung Lean


Much better: Invite her to join you in a TikTok trend. The veteran actress looks very adorable keeping up with her sidekick’s shenanigans. Goes to show their smooth dynamics as colleagues, which is why their tandem is so natural on-cam.


@daxaugustus Practice! Mali Mali! Hahaha. parang si Augustus lang. may nakita daw si madam sa may pinto??🤔 #fpjsangprobinsyano #angprobinsyano @lornatolentinof ♬ Edge - REZZ


Because they work closely together at all times, Lily knows Augustus’ crush. Clue: “May dalawang mata. Pero walang pagtingin sa’yo.”


@daxaugustus yong pati boss mo binabara ka sa lablyf mo? Hahaha. #ltf #fpj #throwback #fpjsangprobinsyano ♬ original sound - Dax Augustus


In the recent episodes, Lily is dared by Cardo (Coco Martin)’s Agilas to show up at the place and time they chose. What will Augutus contribute to his boss’ fight?

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