10 times Alyana proved her unwavering love for Cardo

Women who aspired for the heart of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’s Cardo Dalisay (Coco Martin) put the stalwart cop on a pedestal. He was a prize worth fighting for. But all these sultry females were pushed on the side lines when the striking field reporter, Alyana Arevalo (Yassi Pressman), caught his attention and soon became his lawfully wedded wife. She was, after all, the only woman who proved herself at par Cardo’s conservative upbringing. And many times, Alyana assured Cardo of her incessant support, sacrifices, and sympathy. Let us relive the moments Alyana showed her undying love for Cardo in this Kapamilya Toplist.

The husband and wife braved different trials together and even while apart such as when Cardo joined a group of rebels in pursuit of justice, leaving Alyana in a maze of questions. Unable to lock his worries inside his chest, Cardo decided to spy on Alyana. There was painful longing in his eyes as he watched her from afar. But as if an invisible string of destiny really glues them together, she noticed the familiar man hiding behind a post, leading them to their unexpected reunion. Alyana unleashed all the hurt and uncertainties, asking Cardo why he left her without a warning. And after lending her ears to his explanation, her anger was easily replaced by love. Alyana willingly sent Cardo away while he promised to be back soon.

Not everyone was welcoming of Cardo’s decision to unravel the corruption in the government by joining the Pulang Araw rebel group. The public accused him of plotting a series of bombing attacks in the city even without solid evidence. But there was someone who bravely meddled and took all the stones on his behalf and she is none other than his devoted wife. Alyana boldly stood on Cardo’s defense and, as hard as she could, fought for her husband’s innocence even if she knew others would not dare listen.

However, there was a time when Alyana felt tired of trying to hold on, resulting to their separation and igniting Cardo’s courage to win her back. The determined Cardo brought Alyana to Sitio Santo Nino where he fervently pursued her just like the old times. And after pouring all his efforts, he finally won her heart again. The heartfelt reconciliation happened in front of the church altar where Alyana begged the heavens to give her and Cardo another shot at love.

The sufferings did not end even after they ran back to each other’s arms. The couple, along with their friends, went in hiding as the Pulang Araw continued on their mission. Despite all the danger and struggles surrounding them, Alyana stayed by her husband’s side no matter the cost. She vowed to never stop being a devoted and supportive partner to him even if it meant putting her own life at risk.

In the midst of the chaos and threats, Alyana’s unwavering support and sympathy made Cardo unbreakable. He wouldn’t be a hero if it were not for her faith in his principles. And when he called himself unworthy of her love, the reassuring wife soothed her husband’s worries by thanking him instead for doing his part in creating a peaceful world for their future children. She always looked at Cardo as her champion. She admired every piece of his soul. 

Alyana had always been the most powerful cure to Cardo’s bursting emotions and anger. She never failed to remind him not to let the rage turn into reckless decisions because she doesn’t intend to see him go on a path to destruction. A grateful Cardo promised to repay for her constant love.

During a phase when Cardo wasn’t acting himself due to trials piling up in front of him, Alyana tried her best to remain firm for their family’s sake, albeit struggling as well. She displayed admirable female strength and loving concern when she called out Cardo’s misbehaviour and told him to fix his mess before it becomes too late. Alyana stood up for their family because she loves not just Cardo but their union as well.

No amount of mistake could ever empty Alyana’s heart of her love for Cardo, suspension from work included. Instead of getting mad at her husband, she opted to sort the issue in a calm manner. And even if he almost raised his voice at her, Alyana still remained patient towards her troubled man.

Like other people in love, our favourite couple gets into heated arguments as well with the last one ignited by Cardo’s temper and a slight third party. The loud quarrel can be heard outside by Cardo’s comrades and Letlet (Iyannah Sumalpong). Even in the midst of the fight, Alyana’s warm solicitude still radiated when she emphasized her concern for their marriage and family.

Yet, they couldn’t stand feeling mad at each other. Alyana begged Cardo to lower down his voice as they sift through all the issues that evolved into a major rift between them, proving that she possesses the unfading beauty of gentleness. And proving again how much she loves him, she easily granted him forgiveness while not taking her own feelings for granted.

Alyana’s unconditional love for Cardo is the most powerful force that holds them together especially in times of test and crisis. She is the wind beneath his wings, the constant companion who pushes him to do better. She is his biggest support system, the one who willingly holds his hands in both good and bad times. And even without saying a word, these actions are already enough to demonstrate Ayana’s unwavering love for Cardo.