10 scenes proving that Clarice changed her ways for Cardo in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

With a bratty attitude and illegal desire to steal someone else’s husband, Clarice (Rhen Escano) received hate since day one. But, with how things are turning out and the little sacrifices she’s willing to make for Cardo (Coco Martin) in the recent episodes of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, she seems to be on the road to redemption. In this Toplist, we rounded up the scenes of Clarice’s change of heart driven by her feelings for Cardo.

Clarice was known for her countless misbehaviour that she didn’t even feel guilty about. But when Cardo needed rescue from her own father’s henchmen, she volunteered to act as his hostage, knowing the bad guys would back out because she is their boss’ daughter.

The attempt to win Cardo’s heart resulted in an accidental heroism. However, she found herself trapped in a distant province with his group. The ‘buhay-probinsya’ sickened the city girl, of course, until she eventually realized her mistakes following a series of failed escape plans. She decided it was time to stop being ‘pasaway’ and just learn to get along with Cardo’s team. Besides, she was determined to steal the man from his wife. She promised to behave, prove herself worthy of a second chance and Cardo’s trust.

It wasn’t pretense anymore when she started to care for Cardo. In a scene, she volunteered to prepare him coffee after a day at the ranch. Although he waited for Alyana (Yassi Pressman) to come home before taking his dinner, Clarice opted to swallow the bitterness.

A sudden crossfire with the Black Ops has shaken up the peaceful province life. Alyana was killed while Cardo was put in a crucial fight against death. The invincible ‘Agila’ managed to survive, albeit unconscious for a few days. Clarice didn’t leave Cardo’s side to take care of him until he wakes up.    

Turning over a new leaf, Clarice breathed hope and strength to Cardo and the people who love him. There was a scene where she soothed Lolo Delfin (Jaime Fabregas)’s worry while also wondering why Cardo had to suffer and Alyana had to go. She prayed for Cardo’s fast recovery and nursed his wounds.

What better way to prove her pure intentions than ask for Alyana’s forgiveness and approval. In front of Alyana’s lifeless body, Clarice vowed to take care of Cardo like what the loving wife did.

Cardo gained consciousness and learned Alyana’s fate. He was confined in grief and fury. Despite Cardo being difficult, Clarice didn’t give up on him and she continued to tend to his needs. Selflessness was displayed when she tried to cook for him.  She knew he can’t stop thinking of Alyana but she wanted to feed him so he can take his medicine and recover fast. She served him love and a promise that she’d stay wherever he goes.  By then, Clarice was willing to let go of the good life just to be with Cardo.

Leave the annoying ’attitude’ moments in the past because Clarice has learned to be more calm and mature. She still sounded respectful while defending Cardo from Virgie (Shamaine Buencamino)’s fury and accusations.

Clarice once again proved the magnitude of sacrifices she’s willing to make for Cardo. Knowing she was his last winning ace, she agreed to contact her father, Arturo, and help the Task Force Agila save Teddy (Joel Torre) and Diana (Angel Aquino). She cried. Her tears weren’t that of fear but of sadness, knowing she’s about to bid goodbye to Cardo and the life she learned to love.

Clarice’s recent conversation with Cardo sounded like goodbye. He thanked her for the kindness and the many times she sacrificed her own safety. Clarice clearly got her redemption. It was clear that she didn’t want to leave, and if she does, she would leave her heart in that place.

Gusto ko kayong tulungan pero ayaw kitang iwan. Hindi ba pwedeng dito na lang ako? Ayaw kong mawalay sa’yo,” she told Cardo.

If only she could, she would help Cardo mend his broken heart without trying to erase Alyana’’s memories. She knows Alyana will never leave his heart but she’s willing to love even his brokenness. Clarice made an honest confession, telling Cardo her true feelings despite knowing that the answer will only hurt.

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