14 times Cardo escaped death Probinsyano

Whether it’s his guardian angel or maybe Lola Flora (Susan Roces)’s prayers protecting him, Cardo Dalisay (Coco Martin) has become so immune to the ravages of bullets and bombs and dangerous tactics thrown by his countless evil enemies through the years.

Even if we know he can withstand anything, the execution of these scenes is so action-packed and enthralling we couldn’t help but wonder what’s going to happen next. Thus, as he faces another lethal experience in the current story arc, we collated these heart-stopping scenes from FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano that made viewers call Cardo “immortal.”

Cardo has escaped the most brutal of attacks that you know grenades just won’t delete him from the Earth. In this scene, he had an encounter with Diego (Ping Medina) and a group of men sent by his bigger enemy, Tomas (Albert Martinez), who thought it was game over when Cardo fell to the ground after the explosions.

Mr. Tang (Richard Yap), the leader of a human-child trafficking syndicate was among the first villains who tried to kill Cardo by shooting him. Then again, Carmen (Bela Padilla), saved by Cardo from the syndicate, was able to call for rescue.

He had many times sacrificed his life to save others. In this scene, he used all his power to save Lola Flora, hung in the ceiling of an old warehouse, from hitting the ground. He ended up shot by Mayor Anton (Victor Neri), a corrupt politician with illegal gambling operations.

To be fair with Hector (Cesar Montano), he’s no easy opponent. Cardo’s classmate during their SAF training, Hector was a sharpshooter and skilled in martial arts and street fighting. All these skills combined gave Cardo a hard time during their perilous face-off on the rooftop of an old apartment building. But there could only be one winner in the match, and that was no other than Cardo, who still chose to rescue Hector from an exploding vehicle.

Cardo regained consciousness in drug warehouse and realized he was framed up. He jumped from the balcony but, exhausted and dizzy, he ended up getting shot while running away.

Our hero was sent behind bars, and in there, he reunited with some of the criminals he captured including Tomas. In this scene, Tomas’ thugs provoked Cardo, resulting in an exciting combat witnessed by the inmates. It wasn’t as exciting to Cardo’s loyal fans though as he ended up lying helpless on the floor.

Besides the suspense, this scene was enveloped in heartbreaking drama as Cardo and his SAF comrades fall to the rebel group Pulang Araw one by one. Angered by the death of his fallen comrades, Cardo bravely attacked the enemies but only to get hit by Alakdan (Jhong Hilario)’s bullet, with his ‘dead’ body floating on the water.

You’d know the bad guys are so weak when they could only kill Cardo in a dream. This iconic, finale-like scene from FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano witnessed Cardo and Alyana (Yassi Pressman) trying to escape a surprise attack in Sto. Nino courtesy of Marco (JC Santos), the political scion obsessed with Alyana.

With a gun on one hand and Alyana on the other, Cardo used all his power to wipe out the goons. The long chase scene ended in the middle of a hanging bridge. Marco shot Cardo, who ultimately fell on his back and coughed blood. The other men showered Cardo with bullets as well, aiming for overkill. With the bullets landing on Cardo’s lethal spots in the body at close range, it was totally impossible for him to survive. Alyana embraced Cardo’s body and grieved, suggesting that he’s dead. Then, she woke up from that nightmare.

In this scene, Cardo was mauled by a supposed nobody – Tanggol (Joross Gamboa), a rebel who used to act lord over Sto Nino with his brother Baldo (Romel Padilla). Tanggol was no match with Cardo’s fighting abilities. He even needed his minions around just to be able to attack. But, because of his promise to Alyana that he won’t use his fists to hurt other people again, Cardo just let Tanggol beat him up.

Just by the sound of his name, Bungo (Baron Geisler) was one of the most dangerous and monstrous enemies Cardo has encountered. During a raid at Bungo’s hideout, Cardo was caught off guard and was stabbed by Bungo, who was hiding behind a post. Cardo fell down and vomited blood as Bungo repeatedly stabbed and shot him. It was one of those really terrifying episodes that had viewers curious about the possibility of Cardo dying.  

In an attempt to save a girl from getting harassed, Cardo fought with the stooges of a bar patron. He was brutally hit that blood dripped all over his face.

Task Force Agila’s emotionally-charged gun battle with the Black Ops was one of the most viewed, most trending episodes during the pandemic. Set up by Lito (Richard Gutierrez), Cardo’s group exchanged bullets with the Black Ops, with Cardo getting shot multiple times. Alyana ran toward him but only to get caught in the crossfire as well. Cardo and Alyana reached for each other’s hand while lying bloodied on the ground. They closed their eyes and fell unconscious, troubling viewers’ minds again on whether or not the beloved couple will survive. Alyana died after but Cardo lived to continue his missions, which now includes avenging his wife.

Set up by Lolo Delfin (Jaime Fabregas)’s former colleague, Cardo and the Agilas were trapped in a gunfight. Cardo felt helpless while looking at the battered Lolo Delfin. His other teammates fought while enduring their wounds while some already fell unconscious. They were outnumbered and unequipped, and it was only a matter of time until they’re all finished. Thankfully, Mara (Julia Montes) and her father Armando (John Estrada)’s henchmen came to the rescue.

In a record-breaking episode last week, Cardo appeared to have died, again, as he falls on the ground after receiving Lily (Lorna Tolentino)’s bullet. Like in his previous experiences, the gunshot was done in close proximity, making it appear impossible to survive.

They say that as long as you’re alive on earth, you still have a purpose to work on. Therefore, if Cardo gets to outsmart death again, it only means his mission is not yet over.

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