PAANDAR 2019: Cardo Dalisay’s “gigil” moments in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

People from all ages have been arguably hooked with the longest-running action drama series in Philippine television. Aside from the family values that the series continuously instills in the viewers, it has definitely been the main man, Cardo Dalisay, and how he has been a staunch police officer that made the show be one of the top-rating series.

What even added to the excitement of the viewers was every beast mode scene of Cardo. Viewers and netizens have been noticing how the character of Cardo seems to have fit well into Coco Martin. His eyes and overall facial expressions every time he is in an operation or every time he apprehends criminals, we can say the "gigil" face of Cardo is really genuine and just irreplaceable.

Here are some of the most unforgettable "gigil" moments of Cardo Dalisay in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

Heeding to the duty bestowed to them by the President Oscar Hidalgo (Rowell Santiago), the Presidential Anti-Crime Task Force led by Cardo held a surprise inspection on all the activities of police officers across the country.

Doing so made them discover a lot of misdeeds and illegalities committed by the personnel, even the Police Major to whom Cardo got terribly irked. He was so furious at him when he was still being boastful despite his shortcomings as the commanding officer of the precinct, especially when he caught him and his subordinates sleeping in a room.

In the end, Cardo slapped in their faces the truth that they were the reasons why the sector of police officers do not have progress - because they abuse their power. Cardo also assured them that they were going to be replaced with dedicated police officers once they continue their wrongdoings.

As we all know, Police Captain Amir Marquez (Arron Villaflor) had always abhorred Cardo and the Task Force Aguila. Thus, he did everything just to ruin their reputation, such as when he made decisions without the go signal of Cardo and even disobeyed his order and therefore botched their operation and ensued to a lot of casualties.

As the death of one of the victims would result to losing their source of information, Cardo got very angry as he realized it was actually Marquez’s fault why a lot were affected during the operation.

When Cardo and Marquez finally met inside the hospital, Cardo was not able to resist his anger and punched Marquez right away. Marquez blamed Cardo and said that he acted like he knew the right thing to do. Police Major Victor Basco (Raymart Santiago) however did not like what happened between the two and got mad about how the two clashed


Despite being beaten up by PCpt. Marquez and being promised by Major Alex Romero (Denise Laurel) to be put in the witness protection program once he cooperates and reveals the leader of the drug syndicate, the drug courier they invited for an interrogation still firmly refused to confess everything that he knew about the group, particularly who its leader was.

However, when Cardo came in the interrogation room, fear was seen in the drug courier’s eyes and he immediately divulged to him that there was a huge drug transaction in Visayas where drug sellers and clients would meet.

Cardo and his team were once again trying to get and apprehend Bungo (Baron Geisler) and this time, Bungo finally met his death after a final face-off with Cardo. They were battling against each other at the rooftop located at a slum area. You can see how defiant and aggressive both were, especially Bungo, as he tried to escape Cardo at first. Both were damaged severely as they obtained deep wounds on their faces. Bungo did not seem like he would accept his defeat as he kept on fighting Cardo.

Meanwhile, Cardo was firm in giving justice to Miranda. He did not stop beating him up until Cardo’s team came and surrounded the two. Police Major Victor Basco told Cardo to stop as he might be able to kill Bungo. The moment Cardo let go of him, Bungo revealed the bomb that was placed in his vest. Fortunately, before Bungo got to press the power button of the bomb, Cardo was able to shoot him and they all were able to leave Bungo alone with the bomb when it exploded

After the assassination attempt, Alyanna (Yassi Pressman) was already safe however, Bubbles (Bianca Manalo) was still in critical condition. Ramil (Michael de Mesa) reported that the suspects were already brought to the precinct but told Cardo they would not really reveal the brains behind the crime attempt. Cardo beat up the suspects behind the assassination incident and pressed them to reveal the identity of their boss. Later one of the suspects revealed it was Captain Bart (Leo Martinez).

Cardo led the arrest of Kap Bart and his camp, while Ramil tried to dissuade Cardo from taking the law into his own hands as the latter holds Bart at gunpoint. In the end, Bart was arrested, as well as Konsehala Gina (Mitch Valdez).

Are we going to see more "gigil" moments of Cardo in the upcoming episodes of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.? Stay tuned for you to find out!