Look back on Seth Fedelin’s impressive portrayal as Macoy in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

Seth Fedelin took his final bow in last week’s episode of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano as his character, the young ranch worker Macoy, was killed by Turo (Val Iglesias) group upon Lito (Richard Gutierrez)’s order.



Seth expressed sadness over his farewell to the long-running series. But he is likewise grateful for the opportunity, new friends, and lessons learned. “Nakakalungkot mang isipin na ako’y nagpaalam na, nawala na si Macoy sa Probinsyano. Pero nagpapasalamat ako na meron akong nakilalang maraming kaibigan at natutunan. Salamat talaga sa buong cast ng Probinsyano,” he said in a farewell message uploaded by Dreamscape Entertainment.

To congratulate him for a job well done, here’s a recap of the young actor’s impressive performance in the action-drama series.


Macoy is introduced to Task Force Agila

Seth was introduced as Macoy, the devoted son working as a cleaner at Lito’s horse stables, also whose biggest dream is to become a cop. He found the perfect motivation when he met Cardo (Coco Martin) and the Task Force Agila and got to work with them at the ranch.


Macoy almost got caught stealing

Bent on pursuing his college education, he resorted to stealing money from Lito’s room. There was a point when he almost got caught. Seth was able to coat his eyes with fear without breaking his confident demeanor, making that scene full of suspense.


Macoy gets beaten up by Turo and his men

Seth did not disappoint in his first primetime project. Although a newcomer sharing scenes with a powerhouse cast and playing a minor role, he managed to deliver. He was a charming complement to Coco in light moments. He also experienced physical scenes like being beaten up by a group of villains.


Lito forgives Macoy

He also delivered in heavy scenes, such as when he explained his side to the Agilas and begged Lito for his life after getting caught for his crime.


Turo tortures Macoy


Just as when Macoy thought he can leave the town and start anew, he received a ruthless punishment. As ordered by Lito, he was tortured by Turo’s group and eventually killed in a vicious way.



Seth invites viewers to watch out for more exciting and action-packed scenes in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.