FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano hit all-time high concurrent Kapamilya Online Live viewers, Twitter top trends with #FPJAP5Crossfire episode

FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano once again achieved its all-time high concurrent views on its Kapamilya Online Live broadcast on YouTube after its highly anticipated January 22 episode reached 89,054 number of viewers. Simultaneously, hashtags #FPJAP5Crossfire and #Cardo made it to the Top 10 trending topics in the Philippines on Twitter.

Audiences were indeed treated to a fantastic cinematic experience and were brought at the edge of their seats as the said episode showcased the nail-biting encounter between Task Force Agila and Black Ops that left Cardo Dalisay (Coco Martin) and Alyana (Yassi Pressman) fighting for their lives.

The episode commenced with the Black Ops, led by Major Albert De Vela (Geoff Eigenmann) and Captain Natalia Mante (Jane De Leon), commanding Task Force Agila to surrender. While Roxanne (Shaina Magdayao) and Victor (Raymart Santiago) pleaded Cardo to just submit themselves to the authorities, Ramil (Michael De Mesa) objected the idea as he didn’t want to go back in jail anymore. He suddenly brandished his gun and fired it to the operatives.

This ignited the bloody skirmish, leaving several members of the Black Ops and Task Force Agila injured and killed. As the viewers intently followed the heart-racing sequences of the intense gun fight, one could not probably help but rave about the buwis-buhay stunts of the characters, especially of the titular character. Who would miss that moment when Cardo jumped off from a high structure twice, with the first one still landing on his feet and the second while firing back at their enemies?



Some of the audiences also noted how amazed they were of the female cast members Shaina Magdayao and Jane De Leon as they showcased their flair in doing action scenes and proved that they can also keep pace with their male colleagues. 

This astonishment immediately shifted to shock and gloom as Alyana finally arrived at the scene and saw her husband slowly falling to the ground after being fatally shot. As she fearlessly ran towards him, one of the Black Ops attempted to signal “ceasefire” to everyone but nobody seemed to notice as the firing went on and Alyana got hit multiple times in the body. Both bathing in their bloods and fighting for their lives, the couple was still able to muster enough strength to reach for each other’s hand before passing out.



A lot of viewers were certainly in disbelief and were left hanging as the episode ended with the two of them dramatically lying on the ground and the teaser for the forthcoming episode showed their allies being emotional as they try to revive them. Is it really going to be the end for Cardo and Alyana? Or are they going to survive this tragic fate?

Before we’re able to find the answers to those questions in the much-awaited episode of Monday, here are the reactions posted by some netizens on Twitter bearing the hashtag #FPJAP5Crossfire:



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