Probinsyano KOL 222k viewers

The heartstopping, intense double stand-off in the April 11 episode of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano indeed brought the primetime series to a new milestone as it was able to reach the all-time high 222,000 concurrent views on Kapamilya Online Live being livestreamed on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s YouTube channel.  


 Probinsyano KOL 222k viewers


Tagged #FPJAPOpenFire, this episode was able to breach the 180,000 live concurrent viewers listed by the #FPJAPCountdown episode aired last Friday, April 8. 


 Probinsyano KOL 222k viewers


In this another trending episode, the face-off between Task Force Agila and Black Ops continues as Cardo (Coco Martin) finally revealed himself to the public as he saved and held Mariano (Rowell Santiago) as hostage after initially shooting him on his right shoulder when he’d gone amuck and gunned down Cassandra (Maika Rivera).

Lito Valmoria (Richard Gutierrez) attempted to shoot Cardo from the second floor of the museum where he, some of the members of the Black Ops led by P/Maj. Albert De Vela (Geoff Eigenmann), and Omar (John Wayne Sace) were hiding, but he missed. Thus, Cardo had the chance to retaliate and the situation just got more chaotic.



Meanwhile, Don Ignacio (Tommy Abuel) and his henchmen tried to escape, but Armando (John Estrada) and his troop were able to tail them and even shot the former’s younger brother Eduardo (Roi Vinzon) at his chest. 

As they already found it difficult to topple down Black Ops, not to mention that several men in their group were already shot – including Jerome (John Prats) – Butete (Smugglaz) detonated a few of the bombs they planted, which allowed them to escape. That may have killed many of their members, but the Black Ops were still eager to hunt them down. Omar, who was left in the hideout, also picked a gun as he’s determined to kill Cardo himself to avenge the death of his brother who died in a police operation.



Not letting the Black Ops succeed in their mission, Cardo also detonated the other bombs they hid along one the streets as he continues to run away from them. 

Ambo (Nonong Balinan) and Elizabeth (Whitney Tyson) also hindered President Oscar Hidalgo (Rowell Santiago) from meddling in the shootout as he was really eager to show himself and help Task Force Agila out. Although this has been the moment they’ve all been waiting for, but they thought that it was not a great idea nor the right time yet.  

Armando, on the other hand, was finally able to come face-to-face with Don Ignacio after getting him cornered. As the old man was bewildered by Armando’s intention to kill him, the latter infuriatingly told him that he’s among the fisherfolks he ordered to get murdered to compel his unica hija Aurora (Sharon Cuneta) to go back to him and leave her then-lover Oscar. Armando also reminded him about the group of farmers his men killed after they declined to give him their farmlands. 



As Armando was about to shoot Don Ignacio point-blank, the latter’s younger brother Eduardo was able to arrive just in time and shoot Armando first on the chest. Thus, they’re able to escape once again.

While Armando got fatally shot, Cardo, meanwhile, was able to successfully dodge the killer bullets one of the members of Black Ops fired at him by jumping over one of the carts.



Rave reactions from netizens

As the viewers on the Kapamilya Online Live went wild in expressing their reactions to the thrilling scenes that definitely brought us to the edge of our seats, the same went for the netizens who took to Twitter to share how they thought and felt while watching the episode. Thus, making the hashtag #FPJAPOpenFire and topic “Ang Probinsyano” break into the top trending topics of the micro-blogging site.

Here are some of the rave reactions tweeted by our Kapamilya netizens: