BEHIND THE SCENES: One final look at Yassi Pressman as Alyanna on FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

Who’s not over Alyana’s (Yassi Pressman) death from the record-breaking January 25 episode? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. How could we possibly move on when we all fell in love with her for over the course of three years ! We’ve seen her grow from an eye-catching media practitioner (and a low-key love interest at the time) to being Cardo Dalisay’s (Coco Martin) loving wife. 

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In this feature, we can see all the behind-the-scenes photos of Yassi Pressman’s farewell #FPJAP5Crossfire episode as Alyana, showing how each memorable scene was crafted and executed.

As we honor the enrapturing character that touched our hearts, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and recall her most memorable appearances, both on-cam and off, on FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. 

Alyana and Cardo’s relationship was anything but steady. We expect nothing less for someone who’s married to the Cardo who has gone, and continues to go, all-out in his fight to do what he believes is right. And yes, Alyana may have found herself in difficult situations, but in the end, she still knew who was top priority—her devoted and loving husband. If these two made you believe in love, it’s only because of the amazing chemistry that registers whenever we see Cardo and Aryana onscreen.

Alyana may have moved on to a better place but not before leaving us with this tear-jerking final message which has even the mighty and brave Cardo in tears. 



We certainly rooted for Cardo and Alyana to make it to each other as they were both gunned down and fell to the ground in #FPJAP5Crossfire in the spine-chilling image widely shared on social media. Little did we know that it would be their last chance to hold each other’s hands.


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We remember Alyana — a brave woman who holds her head up high. Yassi really took on this character with pride, also making CarYana shippers very pleased and delighted with the kilig feels she exuded with the Primetime King Coco Martin.



Yassi was enjoying her time on the set, sharing wacky selfies and special moments with her fellow cast members and the production crew with whom she worked with for so long. Definitely, it’s never really easy to say goodbye. 


Yassi’s Alyanna will be forever etched in the hearts of avid viewers of the series for she showed her utmost loyalty to Cardo until her death did them part. 

In this gallery, check out more BTS photos from #FPJAP5Crossfire episode wherein we gave our tearful goodbye to Alyanna.