BTS: John Estrada exits Probinsyano

Vengeance has a name – and it’s Cardo Dalisay. 

The hero cop played by Coco Martin is determined to punish the villains – one by one – in ways they truly deserve. He finally vanquished the traitor Armando (John Estrada) ahead of the show’s penultimate week. And every bit of their face-off scene leading to Armando’s end was extremely satisfying, especially if you still grieve over Lolo Delfin (Jaime Fabregas)’s cruel death, which as we all know, is caused by Armando’s wickedness.  

In the August 5 episode aptly titled “Paniningil,” which made an all-time high concurrent viewership record of 367, 000 live viewers, Cardo and Task Force Agila attacked Lily (Lorna Tolentino), Armando, and his wife Lolita (Rosanna Roces)’s hiding place.  



As the crossfire happens, Cardo and some Agilas caught up with Armando, who tried to escape via vehicle in the dunes. The Agilas took turns hitting the villain until he fell to his knees. Armando spat out threats, convincing Cardo to take justice into his own hands.  

The bloodied Armando woke up with his arms outstretched, each tied to a military vehicle. Cardo’s men, as eager for revenge, drove the vehicles in reverse, tearing off Armando’s arms from his body. Then, driving the third vehicle, Cardo hit Armando’s disjoined body. 



John has truly delivered as one of the teleserye’s bad guys. Dreamscape Entertainment paid tribute to his superb performance in the series via this video: 



On Instagram, Coco shared what went down on their taping day in the ‘dessert.’ We see in the behind-the-scenes photos Coco and John sharing a conversation before their final showdown. 


Photo Credit to cocomartin_ph IG



Then, the cameras start rolling! John fell, crawled, and got totally knocked down on the sand. Kudos to the actors and production crew for giving their best under intense heat! 


Photos credit to cocomartin_ph IG


Apart from the real dirt on his body, John’s face and shirt must be covered in fake blood, too. In the next photo, he and Coco preview the scene.    


Photos credit to cocomartin_ph IG


Another photo showed John’s arms outstretched and tied to ropes attached to the vehicles. Of course, it also took brilliant editing to create Armando’s realistic, gruesome death. 


Photos credit to cocomartin_ph IG


Before the episode aired last Friday, August 5, John invited viewers to watch his final scene by sharing a video that showed a glimpse of their preparations. 




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