5 times Letlet became a ‘ray of light’ to Cardo and Alyana

When a series of political destabilization took the life of their only son, Cardo (Coco Martin) and Alyana (Yassi Pressman)’s marriage was almost crippled by the storms around them. They luckily managed to rekindle their relationship and sealed their vows at the Lord’s altar for the second time. But even if they fervently nurtured the love between them, the couple knew something was still missing. They spent their nights imploring the heavens to bless them with a child. It has always been their biggest longing, albeit, they knew their prayers will be granted at the right time. And after patiently waiting, Mr.and Mrs. Dalisay finally witnessed the fruit of their unwavering faith, as shown in these scenes from FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano



The moment Letlet (Iyannah Sumalpong) and her mother and uncle moved in to Baranggay Bagong Pag-asa, the neighborhood was instantly delighted at the little girl’s charm. She was a happy kid blessed with sharp wit, impressive home management skills, and a friendly smile that could brighten up the day. Yet, behind her sunny disposition was a dark secret that led to her family’s death. Cardo and Alyana were moved with sympathy while watching the orphan go through the pain all by her own. Cardo suddenly looked at Letlet as a blessing in disguise, the unexpected answer to their prayers; enough to convince the couple to take her in and raise her as their own daughter. Their first night as a family was full of compassion and hope for the coming days. And as new parents, the first thing Cardo and Alyana taught their child was to pray before sleeping. 



The new family had a ‘fresh’ start by going on a swimming vacation with their friends and relatives who welcomed Letlet in their lives. The little girl was happy to get introduced to her new aunts, uncles, grandpa, and grandma. But first, the trio turned household chores into totally fun and entertaining activities. There were a lot of dancing, singing, and giggling as they worked altogether. The neighbors even noted how they looked perfect as a family.



The quick outing served as a breather from all the intense events that have almost shaken up Cardo and Alyana’s lives. Bliss was evident on their smiles and faces while watching Letlet enjoying the waters. The couple couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with God’s gracious surprise. Alyana was in awe of how Letlet changed their worlds; and she vowed to be a loving wife and mother. Their companions were in tuned with their happiness. 



Grateful for her parents’ love and kindness, Letlet surprised them by waking up early and preparing their breakfast. Although, the finished product was a bit toasted, Cardo and Alyana acted like they’ve tasted the best meal on earth. They even invited Domeng (Empoy Marquez) to join them.



Letlet was completely affected and distressed when Cardo and Alyana were once again caught up in a conflict. So, when the husband and wife patched things up after a misunderstanding, no one was happier than their little angel.