20 evil, cunning scenes of Tirso Cruz III as one of the most dangerous villains in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

Introduced in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano as a hotshot lawyer, Arturo Padua appeared intimidating when he and his family moved in the same community where Cardo (Coco Martin) lived. And as the story progressed, he made the lives of multiple characters a living nightmare with his wise tactics. The man was sharp and scheming, making him one of the greatest villains in the longest-running series.

But in the end, his loathsome deeds and big ambitions put him at odds with death. Art was killed by his very own ally, Renato (John Arcilla), who detonated the bomb upon Lucio (Raymond Bagatsing)’s order. 

The character was magnificently portrayed by screen luminary Tirso Cruz III, whose expertise in playing villain roles is like no other. On Instagram, Tirso shared a selfie from Ilocos, where the series is being filmed, ahead of his character’s exit.




Production unit Dreamscape Entertainment likewise paid tribute to the screen veteran through a video montage.  



Kapamilya Toplist also presents the top scenes that made Art one of the most vicious 'kontrabidas' in the teleserye.

Art may not be the ‘killer’ type of a villain but his being intelligent made him a threat. Conniving with Lily (Lorna Tolentino) and Renato, he was tasked with covert missions such as bribing officials to eliminate the Agilas one by one.

Since he has connections in the judicial department, Art easily set up graft charges against Lolo Delfin (Jaime Fabregas). He ordered a bank manager and other officials to make an issue of the General’s alleged corruption. 

He then tapped a police officer, who wanted to take his revenge on Cardo, to take the latter’s gun from the CIDG headquarters and use that in killing the witnesses on Lolo Delfin’s case. Thanks to that killing spree, they were able to get rid of the witnesses and taint Cardo’s name.

As he transitioned into an Executive Secretary, we witnessed more of his political ambition and what he was willing to do to attain it. Karma hit hard, though, when his daughter Clarice (Rhen Escano) was forced to come with the Agilas after saving them from his henchmen. Twisting the story to his advantage, Art informed the public that Cardo’s group abducted Clarice.

At that point, his evil actions had a passionate cause – saving Clarice. Honestly, we almost sympathized with the longing father, but instead of redeeming himself, Art continued with his rotten ways. The next scenes witnessed him punishing Teddy (Joel Torre) and Diana (Angel Aquino) to know Clarice’s whereabouts.

Cunning, he always knew how to use the right people for instant power and wealth. A series of flashback scenes revealed how he helped Don Ignacio (Tommy Abuel) grab the land of poor farmers, which resulted in bloodshed.

He even tricked Renato about Jacob (Marc Abaya)’s death. Then he slid into Renato’s camp, taking advantage of the latter’s frustration. All the while acting as Renato’s minion, Art was hatching his own political plans.

In the end, the traitor was betrayed by another traitor. In his character’s final episode, Art advised Renato to let go of Lucio, thinking the latter wouldn’t be able to provide the help they needed. As he was leaving the camp, Art was shocked by an explosion. He called for Renato’s help. However, Renato, urged by Lucio, detonated the final bomb that killed Art.

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