FEB-IBIG IN FPJ'S ANG PROBINSYANO: The love story of Cardo and Alyana

They say that opposites attract because they complement each other. In the hit primetime series “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano”, Cardo (Coco Martin) and Alyana (Yassi Pressman) proved this to be true. At first, their personalities clashed but eventually, they became really good friends when they got to know each other even more. Now, they are officially together as a couple. Today, as we celebrate the month of Feb-ibig, let us look back at the highlights of the one-of-kind love story of Cardo and Alyana.

Alyana meets Cardo

Cardo and Alyana had their first encounter at the hospital when she tried to interview people after the accident. He advised her not to take advantage of the victims’ vulnerable condition.

Act of gratitude

As one way of showing gratitude, Alyana brought food to the CIDG office to thank Cardo for taking her home safely.

Cardo lashes out at Alyana

Cardo lashed out at Alyana after finding out that she leaked some confidential police information.

Mutual Understanding

Benny (Pepe Herrera) teased Alyana and Cardo after noticing that the two were starting to have a mutual understanding.

Cardo & Alyana's Date

Cardo proved his love for Alyana when he risked his life in order to save her when she was abducted by Eric (Paulo Avelino).

Cardo and Alyana's childhood memories

Cardo recalled some childhood memories about how he and his twin brother, Ador, first met Alyana when they were still young children.

Cardo & Alyana's Date

Cardo invited Alyana out to dinner and they had a special date at an eatery that had exotic food.

Cardo & Alyana are officially together

Alyana and Cardo expressed their love for each other and they officially became a couple.

Alyana and Cardo reunite

When Cardo was reunited with Alyana, he explained to her why he had to escape from prison.

Cardo's promise to Alyana

Cardo assured Alyana of his love and he promised to remain faithful to her.

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Kapamilya!