The Power of Prayers as Seen on FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano has been keeping our weeknights exciting with its unrelenting action scenes and thrilling plot twists. But aside from the heart-pumping action sequences, audiences are hooked to this teleserye because of its moving story of love and faith that resonates with everyone. Although we are shown the grim reality that there is evil in the world and villains like Joaquin (Arjo Atayde) and Don Emilio (Eddie Garcia) exist, we also see that hope never runs out. FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano shows us that we are never alone, that with faith and prayers, we can prevail over life’s difficulties. This week, as we remember the importance of Lent and celebrate the triumph of Easter, let us look back at the times that Cardo and his family turned to their faith to get them through the trials that went their way.

1. Cardo and his friends seek God’s forgiveness.

A shootout between Joaquin and Chairman Romano’s (Ronnie Lazaro) forces and Cardo’s group leaves Paquito (James Sagarino) wounded and in a coma. Stricken by guilt and shaken by how their actions have caused harm to those they have sworn to protect, Cardo, Julian (Julio Diaz), Gener (Jeric Raval), and Ramil (Michael de Mesa) turn to God to ask for forgiveness.

2. Onyok leads the inmates in prayer.

Onyok (Simon Pineda) steals the hearts of Cardo’s fellow inmates, especially Julian, Tata Estong (Spanky Manikan), and Gener who appoints him as the new “mayor.” Taking advantage of his newly earned title, Onyok leads his cellmates in prayer before they go to sleep.

3. Lola Flora, Makmak and Onyok pray for Cardo’s safety.

A recent spate of murder cases keeps Cardo working late into the night. So Lola Flora (Susan Roces) asks Makmak (Mcneal Briguela) and Onyok to pray with her before they sleep to ask that God bless and safeguard Cardo as he fulfills his duties as a police officer.

4. Cardo and Alyana pray together.

As his family and friends prepare for a special party to celebrate his birthday, Cardo and Alyana (Yassi Pressman) head to church. Together, they pray for the safety of their loved ones and a favorable end to Cardo’s mission.

5. Flora leads her family in prayer.

Lola Flora ushers in the new year by leading her family in prayer. She starts by thanking the Lord for the strength that helped them overcome the trials and hardships of the past year. Lolo Delfin (Jaime Fabregas) and Makmak also pray that Onyok be found soon and for Cardo to be released from prison.