wicked things Lily did because of her greed

Our primetime viewing continues to get more scorching with the intense and action-packed scenes FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano has been delivering for more than 4 years.

However, not only the exhilarating and bloody skirmishes of our mighty hero Ricardo “Cardo” Dalisay (Coco Martin) that stirring us every evening, but the wickedness of one  of its main antagonists in the current season, Lily Ann Cortez-Hidalgo, brilliantly portrayed by award-winning veteran actress Lorna Tolentino.

Her entrance to the action-drama series last year was arguably remarkable, not only because of her striking physical transformation – sporting a shoulder-length coif with full bangs and a bloody red dress – that made her look truly fierce and foxy, but with how she magnificently took on another kontrabida role.

A former “baglady”, or someone who acts as an intermediary or arbitrator in an illegal or unethical transaction, in the underground business of then acting President Lucas Cabrera (Edu Manzano), Lily opted to leave the group upon discovering the failures of his administration. The former ordered the latter’s ambush, but she was able to escape from death with the help of Vendetta, led by Cardo. The rebel squad was actually dubious about her, but she denied all their assumptions and did her best to gain their trust, especially of ex-President Oscar Hidalgo (Rowell Santiago).

In order for her plan of making Vendetta and Cabrera clash, she provided them clothes, luxury vehicles, and weapons, and even told them what she knew about the Cabreras’ activities, while keeping her ties with Cardo’s another enemy Renato Hipolito (John Arcilla). Not long after, they were able to successfully topple down the Cabreras and restore Oscar back to rightful post. Lily kept her close connections on both sides by doing charities and establishing NGOs to help the president, while organizing several crime groups along with Renato. She was later on hired by Oscar to be his adviser.

In the long run, the President fell in love with her, which she used in order to lure him and divert his attention from fulfilling his duties to the country to their romance and eventual tying of the knot. But, as we all know, this was only the start of Lily’s more nefarious schemes in order to have a firm grip of Oscar and get rid of anyone who would try to hinder her from accomplishing her personal, selfish plans.

Being his wife, it was easy for her to secretly drug him that indeed worsened his health instead of improving it. As the people around the President grew more concerned of his well-being, she consistently hid his true health condition by urging his personal doctor to produce fake laboratory results and lie once asked.

Together with her equally evil ally Judge Arturo Padua (Tirso Cruz III), they also persuaded Oscar to dismiss Cardo from the police force.

Not yet contented and in order to gain full control of him, she decided to double the dosage of his medication which made him severely ill and comatose. While her husband was unconscious, she prevented anyone from checking the President’s condition, including the Vice President and the Chief Justice, in her desperate measure to protect her firm hold on the Presidential seat by threatening the attending doctor that they would harm her and her loved ones once she refused to cooperate. At the same time, she also hurried Renato to jumpstart their illegal business while they’re in control of the government and hired someone to act and speak like Oscar.

Apart from that, she also sought the service of her most trusted henchman Juan (Romnick Sarmenta) in her pursuit of getting rid of him by ordering him to plant incriminating evidences in the bedroom of Presidential National Security Adviser Delfin Borja (Jaime Fabregas). This is to tie him up to the illegal drug transactions of the late notorious syndicate leader Tomas Tuazon (Albert Martinez).

She then asked Renato to create a bank account under Delfin’s name with a balance of more than Php100 million and Herman to forge the signature of her husband to fully execute her plans against the top police official.

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