Sam and Joseph divulge bloopers, interesting discoveries about Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin co-stars

Bonding times in a taping bubble have become the norm for teleserye stars. Take for instance the experiences of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin family who are currently dealing with ‘sepanx’ as the show nears its “Heart-Stealing Finale.” Sam Milby and Joseph Marco join us in an afternoon of ‘kwentuhan’ to share their unforgettable moments and more behind-the-scene secrets about the series.

While hardcore drama and heightened emotions are staples for Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, it goes the other way off-cam. The cast members kept it chill and fun post-taping and during their day-off. Sam smiled as he looked back on the jamming sessions, food trip and movie nights (Grae Fernandez influenced them in watching old flicks). Joseph found his fellow fitness buffs and they would work out when there’s spare time.

Filed under Joseph’s most memorable taping experience was getting punched for real in an intense action scene. Jodi Sta. Maria broke from her character and reacted with a high-pitched concern. But the show must go on. Besides, watching the final output, Joseph thought it was worth the injury.

Another memorable one for him is the scene that forged his connection with Sam. It was a collaboration he wouldn’t forget. He said he learned so much from Sam – the “Milby Way,” as he would call it. “Noong nabasa ko ‘yung script, natakot ako kung paano ko itatawid. I’m thankful na tinulungan ako ni Sam with the help of Direk Avel. I felt good after shooting the scene.

Playing a staunch bodyguard with a traumatic past, Joseph had to load up with emotions and physical stamina. In terms of preparation, he said there are hardcore scenes that need more intense commitment. The finale, for instance, had him invested in the character that he prepped up in a corner without talking to anyone, “Ina-absorb ko lang ‘yung bigat ng mundo.”

Sam also had a funny anecdote. Review that hospital scene wherein he was trying to halt another altercation between Jodi and Iza Calzado. He was behind Iza, trying to stop her, but the actress made a turn and accidentally elbowed him. Sam tried to maintain his composure but he swears it was really painful and they all laughed after the take. Filed under bloopers! The ‘sepanx’ is real, so much Sam got a bit sentimental during the last stretch of taping. It’s been a fun and special year of filming for all of them. Definitely one for the books!

The duo also served interesting descriptions about their co-stars. They would never run out of good words to talk about Jodi. There was a tone of admiration as they share how Jodi emanates inspiration and unbelievable energy and humility. She’s a go-getter, committed in everything she does – a true multi-hyphenate. They never heard her complain despite a whole day of doing lofty drama scenes. They admire her as an actress and a woman. Sam is even amazed by how she still has the energy to work out after a day of taping. Joseph added that his partner is so easy to work with like she doesn’t care about her showbiz stature.

Iza, on the other hand, carries sunshine with her. Working with her for the first time, they did not expect to grow so close with the actress. She’s even the closest co-star Joseph had in the series. Sam mentioned that it was easy to break the ice between them because it’s impossible not to be drawn to Iza’s positivity. Joseph chimed in, “Mamahalin mo lang si Iza sa sobrang bait niyang tao. I see her as very empowered and courageous.” He would call it a blessing to be working with Iza again.

Asked about their working experience with Maricel Soriano, the guys went speechless for a moment – a hint of awe. It’s understandable that they were scared and intimidated at first. It was the Diamond Star, after all. But as they started shooting, they were amused to experience the screen veteran’s generosity and motherly care. In Sam’s words, “I love Maricel Soriano! She is so amazing and supportive. She teaches us all. Siya ang Nanay namin sa set. Sobrang bait!” Sam used to be anxious about his Tagalog skills, scared that mistakes and re-takes would annoy the Diamond Star. But he was surprised that Maricel was there to help and encourage.

Joseph went for “selfless,” saying the veteran actress would advise about technicalities and personal matters. He added that Maricel is an introvert, who is no longer fascinated with the noise of social media. The actors are keeping their fingers crossed to work with her again.

Passion and commitment burn deep in Kira Balinger’s heart – this is what Sam witnessed in her. He is amazed by how young yet mature she is as an actress. Joseph sees his younger self in Kira, saying she is the type to downplay her performance. She is her own critique. He’s been there and he’s done that. That’s why Joseph enlightens her with pieces of advice based on his own experience, and perhaps regrets included. “Kasi I really believe in this girl. Based on her attitude and working ethics, may kalalagyan ‘to, so I am really excited for her and I’m going to support her all the way,” he said of Kira.

There’s only one way to describe Grae Fernandez – an old soul. He introduced his co-stars to classic gold films and music. Joseph appreciates that Grae isn’t a typical youngster who loves fame, “More than being a celebrity, this guy is an actor. He doesn’t please people. ‘Pag ayaw niya, ayaw niya talaga which makes him totoong tao talaga.” Sam chimed in, “Hindi siya nandito para sumikat. Nandito siya because his passion is acting.”

Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, created by Dindo C. Perez and Julie Anne R. Benitez and directed by FM Reyes and Avel Sunpongco, still has more revelations squeezed in their last five episodes. Sam and Joseph give credit to the writers for infusing exciting twists in the characters of Ellice and Marissa. Don’t miss the show’s “Heart-Stealing Finale” on March 19.