Kira, Grae humbled, thankful for being seen as this generation’s Kristine-Jericho tandem

Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akins Kira Balinger and Grae Fernandez, who currently forms the kilig pair KiRae, sat with MJ Felipe and Bianca Gonzales in this episode of CinemaOne’s PopCinema, talking about the recent happenings in their lives and their relationship as a love team in the series and as good friends in real life.

The two played the “Game of Firsts” wherein MJ and Bianca would tell them random things and they would share the first thing that comes at the top of their mind. Asked about their first favorite childhood memory, Kira first shared the time when she experienced snowfall in the UK. She added that she woke up seeing their garden covered with a blanket of white snow. She remembered that she would play in the snow back then before going to school. Meanwhile, Grae’s favorite childhood memory is when he and his family went to Hong Kong Disneyland. He added that he enjoyed the ride and that he misses the chill weather there.

For their first television appearance. Grae remembered his guesting in Minute To Win It hosted by Luis Manzano while Kira said it was her debut on ASAP. Next, they were asked about their first ever performance on TV, with Kira answering that it was a production number with fellow new Star Magic artists who were launched on ASAP. On the other hand, Grae’s first TV performance was when his group Gimme 5 was introduced on ASAP.

Kira and Grae were then asked when was the first moment that they realized they’re really stars already. Grae answered first and said that performing onstage and onscreen with veteran artists made him feel he belongs to the showbiz industry.

Grae answered that he couldn’t remember ever being starstruck with fellow actors because, he said, Kapamilya artists have always been really down to earth. On the other hand, Kira shared it was when she was part of her first teleserye, The Story of Us, wherein she played the role of Caitlyn, sister of Kim Chiu’s character Tin and daughter of Zsa Zsa Padilla’s Myra. Kira said she really gets starstruck in the midst of all the Kapamilya artists she works with.

They were then asked about the first crazy rumor they heard about themselves. But the two said that they haven’t heard any about them yet. MJ asked a follow up question on how they felt being considered as this generation’s Kristine Hermosa and Jericho Rosales loveteam. Kira said that she’s flattered every time she hears compliments such as that. It also pushes her to work harder as well. The same goes for Grae because it just motivates him to do better and give more.

Moving on to their next ‘first’, the two were asked who was their first crush. Grae said that it was his 6th grade crush while Kira said it was Hollywood music artist Harry Styles. MJ asked them also who their crushes are now, and Grae said its Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson. Bianca noticed that Grae was leaning more towards girls who are older than him that’s why the hosts asked both Kira and Grae of their age and they felt kilig when they knew that Kira is actually a year older than Grae.

After that, the two shared their first purchase after receiving their first paycheck in showbiz. For Grae, it was a buffet or anything food-related, while Kira said may have been a pair of shoes or a bag.

Lastly, they shared their first impression of each other and Kira said that she felt shy towards Grae because he was just quiet, while Grae said Kira seemed really nice.

After that Game of Firsts challenge, they moved on to the portion “Fans Speak” where KiRae fans were the ones who expressed what they wanted for the tandem, especially for the future of Kira and Grae’s careers. For the first question, Bianca asked the fans what project would they like KiRae to make a remake of in the future. The choices were “She’s Dating the Gangster,” the K-Drama “Record of Youth,” or “Lovers in Paris.” Kira herself said she would probably like to do a remake of “She’s Dating the Gangster,” while Grae said he would look forward to do a retelling of “Lovers in Paris.”

For the next question, the fans were asked about the other love team that they would want KiRae to be with in their next project. Among KathNiel, LizQuen, and JaDine, the fans chose KathNiel. Fans then disclosed how they wanted KiRae to spend Valentine’s Day—is it an intimate dinner overlooking the Manila skyline, garden dinner date with a personal chef, or a customized pickup truck that has a two-seater cinema playing a rom-com movie? They chose the last.

After that fun game, they moved on to the last game, wherein they had to take each other’s position to tell what they’d do when faced with certain situations given. They were first asked what they expect the other would probably do if they get sick. Kira was the first to answer and joked that she wants Grae to “make suyo” and be sweet to her, but she added immediately that she just really hopes Grae would just make her laugh and give her medicine. Meanwhile, Grae said that he thinks Kira would give him warm water and honey. Next, the two were asked how the other could make them feel kilig, and Kira’s answer was just very simple- every time Grae stares at her. She added that it happens during their sweet moments in Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin. Meanwhile, Grae said that he would probably feel kilig when Kira sings a song to her, which the young actress did, singing a line from Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” to Grae, who then continued to sing a line from the popular love song.

Lastly, Kira and Grae were questioned about how they think the other one would be like when he or she falls in love. Kirs went on to say that Grae would probably love genuinely and purely, and would show it by watching movies with his significant other because he really loves doing it. Meanwhile, Grae thinks that Kira would give her full attention and time to her partner.

Indeed, a new ship has sailed when the love team of Kira Balinger and Grae Fernande came into the picture of JRB Creative Production’s Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, created by Dindo C. Perez and Julie Anne R. Benitez and directed by FM Reyes and Avel Sunpongco. Don’t miss those  kilig moments of #KiRae and the rest of the intense, remarkable dramatic scenes on Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin weeknights via the Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z Channel 11.