Jodi Sta. Maria’s most mesmerizing, brilliant teleserye performances

From playing quintessential teenybopper roles, Jodi Sta. Maria fervently worked hard to carve her own niche as an actress. Now, with several iconic lead portrayals and top-rating series under her belt, Jodi has become one of the industry’s finest gems – timeless, talented, and empowered.

In this video, we rounded up ten of her most remarkable, stunning television scenes worthy of a standing ovation, and a Best Actress award!

One thing that makes Jodi outstanding is her ability to transform into a powerful bida-kontrabida femme fatale. She currently reigns supreme in primetime as the vengeful Marissa. On the 10th spot is Marissa’s intense confrontation with Elisse (Iza Calzado) about her attempt to lure the latter’s husband. Jodi astonished us with her fierce delivery of lines that pierced through her nemesis’ conscience, and the manner she wore innocence to conceal her vicious plans. 

When she faced her onscreen mother, no less than Diamond Star Maricel Soriano, after years of suffering in jail, Marissa served different emotions in a truly flawless performance. Jodi shifted from calm and delighted to bold and miserable.  

Add to that her first reunion with Ellice. It can’t be denied that Jodi’s elegance is one of her assets because in that scene, she looked too regal and empowered. Marissa appeared happy and unaffected seeing her erstwhile best friend, hiding the strands of bitterness behind her smiles. But even while doing so, Jodi still made sure the viewers would feel the intense grudge kept through the years.

This list wouldn’t be complete without her notable scenes from Pangako Sa’Yo. Jodi’s star further shined through her portrayal of the iconic woman Amor Powers. Who would ever forget the ‘sampal na pang-international?’ Apart from that, Jodi was lauded for the confrontation extravaganza with the show’s other torchbearers – Angelica Panganiban, Ian Veneracion, Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo – as they uncover the truth behind Amor’s rape case. The exchange was long and meaty and exciting viewers found their selves at the edge of their seats biting their nails in ‘gigil.’

And when she heard the lullaby that led her to the much-awaited reunion with her long lost daughter, Jodi once again showcased her dramatic brilliance. She carried pain, yearning, and relief drenched in a tapestry of tears.

Still as Amor, Jodi is mostly overwhelmed by anger and the strong desire for vengeance. This was further magnified in the scenes where she grieved over her son’s death. Included in this list are the scenes where Amor pinned all the blame on Yna (Kathryn Bernardo) and ordered all guests to leave her son’s wake, stirred by an altercation that happened.

Before we reveal the top scene, let’s take a quick recap of Jodi’s gripping portrayal as Fina Banaga in Sino Ang Maysala? Mea Culpa As a mother and daughter fighting for justice, Jodi gave chilling performances as she clashes against a powerful family of lawyers and politicians. In that scene where she threatened to slap the enemies with karma, Jodi put on just enough amount of grit.

Finally, Jodi’s most praised performance thus far is the modern take on Amor’s iconic “batas” scene. This moment was climacteric in Amor’s life, the point where she vowed to exact vengeance in the aftermath of a garbage landslide that took her family’s life. Intense and superb!

Check out this video and be blown away by Jodi’s brilliance!

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