Q & A Make-up Challenge with Jodi Sta Maria and Thirdy

Mother and son tandems always spark good vibes in us especially when we see a glimpse of their closeness and fun-loving personalities. To start the year with smiles, here’s Jodi Sta. Maria joined by son Thirdy in a ‘crazy’makeup challenge plus Q and A! Let’s see how the first-timer glams up his mom!

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Jodi, despite the superstar status, raised Thirdy away from the limelight as much as possible. The result is his lack of interest in joining showbiz, although he did several commercials as a little boy. Now, at 14, Thirdy is enjoying his youth and doesn’t even want to stress about his future course in college. 

While he‘s now officially in a relationship, Thirdy will never outgrow mommy’s cuddles. “Gustong-gusto ko nga ‘pag bine-baby ako ni Mama, eh,” he said when asked if that doesn’t make him feel awkward.

The Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin actress was admittedly surprised when Thirdy introduced his girlfriend. She knew it will inevitably happen but she didn’t expect it would come too soon.  Does she feel jealous of the new girl in her son’s life? Jodi answered ‘no.’

It seems so easy for Jodi to pass on her wisdom to Thirdy because he’s a loving and obedient son, albeit stubborn at times, just like mom. He also described her as super loving, caring, and simply the best.

During the Q and A portion, Jodi mentioned that she starts and ends the day with a prayer. If Thirdy was a girl or if she’d have a daughter in the future, she’d name her Simoune Renee or Hadasah Grace. 

Since Jodi raised Thirdy as a single mom, they grew up to be BFFs! The mother and son duo loves to travel, frequent their favorite restaurants (they specifically like the place where they can go painting while sipping), workout, share stories, and do his school works together. They hardly get into quarrels except for times when she disagrees with his decisions. 

Jodi revealed his son’s phobia with ghosts, which the future ‘bae’ denied. It’s pastel and neutral colors for her; purple and turquoise (or any shade reminiscent of the beach) for him. Unlike his mom, Thirdy isn’t the type to cry over movies. But it’s a different case when it’s his mom doing the drama scenes.

Wherever they go, they’d experience life arm in arm. For Thirdy, his mom deserves the whole world because of the sacrifices she tirelessly makes. 

Si Mommy, deserve niya ang buong mundo kasi sa lahat ng sacrifices ni Mommy para sa akin. Si Mommy, nagwo-work hard palagiNgayon nga na may COVID, kesa mag-rest siya, nagwo-work pa rin siya para sa amin para may malagay sa table. ‘Yung mga Mommy talaga para silang mga superhero,” expressed Thirdy.

Moved by his son’s lovely words, Jodi took it as validation of parenting done right. She always reminds him to treat people with equal love and respect regardless of their gender because “each person is made in the image and likeness of God.” Jodi also hopes his unico hijo may live a life he’s proud of. 

Back to the makeup challenge, the lipstick was quite overdone. And Thirdy accidentally pinched his mother’s eyelids with the lash curler. But, overall, he did pretty well! 

Watch Jodi and Thirdy crack jokes while doing the challenge! Check out this video!