Iza Calzado answers most searched questions about her

It’s so easy for worshipping fans to get to know their idols nowadays. All it takes is a quick Google search! Iza Calzado, applauded for her riveting portrayal in the drama series Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, is considered one of the most talked about and followed celebrities in the country.

She’s so popular people search for her personal details on Google! Would you believe fans are eager to know how tall she stands? We can’t tell exactly why but, she said, the curiosity might be sparked by how towering and curvy she looks on TV.

To answer the question, Iza is almost 5’7” in height, contrary to a popular website’s info that she’s only 5 feet. So don’t believe everything you see on the web! 

People are also curious about her age. Born on August 12, 1982, the Kapamilya prime actress is now 38.

Interestingly, people also turn to Google to get to know her husband, Ben Wintle. “Na-betla mae saison siguro kasi nila,” she quipped in gay lingo, meaning people might be crushing on him. Ben is a Filipino-British businessman.

Netizens also search up details of Iza’s wedding. She tied the knot in a dreamy sunset wedding ceremony in Coron, Palawan in December 2018.

Iza and Ben met back in 2011 during a magazine event. Coming out of a failed relationship at that time, Iza decided she’s ready to move on, socialize, and hopefully meet somebody. The universe listened. Ben approached her first and asked for her Facebook account but she gave her number instead.

“Thank you for caring enough about my personal life,” she jestingly told those searching her up on the internet.

Show Iza some love by watching her brilliant performances as Ellice in Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, created by Dindo C. Perez and Julie Anne R. Benitez and directed by FM Reyes and Avel Sunpongco, airing every Monday to Friday on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.

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