Check out what’s inside Maricel Soriano’s bag in this vlog!

Taking a break from the intense and scorching scenes in Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, Maricel Soriano recently amused her fans with her appearance in one of the newest vlogs of her younger brother Mel Martinez wherein she let him “bag raid” her.

Uploaded on his eponymous YouTube channel last February 3, the video was actually shot last January during one of their trips to Heritage Park to visit their late father on his birth anniversary. While sitting casually on one of the park benches, Mel asked his Ate Marya if he could take a peek on the content of her luxury black leather bag to which she willingly obliged.

The first objects that he spotted in her posh bag were her comfy black pashmina shawl and her two phones that both bared a portrait of her as their screensaver. He then went on to check her other stuff inside and noted how she has been so organized with all her belongings ever since.

Among the must-haves of the Diamond Star were three different types of face mists, mouth spay, spray net, mini disinfectant spray and wipes, perfume, eye drops, feminine wipes, tissue paper, individually wrapped wipes, and card holder.

The viewers were probably amused with how Mel would eagerly try every product every time Maricel took out something from her bag, as well as with their banters and fun facts about one another. Having a wide array of elegant accessories and having a knack on makeup, he disclosed that his Ate Marya used to be the one to doll him up and lend him her stuff whenever he had shows. She interjected by jesting that he hasn’t returned yet the accessories he borrowed from her.

Before wrapping up the vlog, the siblings reminded everyone to watch her primetime drama Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, in which she plays the role of Nanay Lucing. The video ended with a snippet of one of the teleserye scenes they shared many years ago and a slideshow of their lovely photos together through the years.