Ang Sa Iyo ay Akin stars Aya Fernandez and Nico Antonio gamely answer fan questions

Ang Sa Iyo ay Akin stars Aya Fernandez and Nico Antonio took a break from the intense scenes and scorching confrontations in the series to gamely respond to the questions of our beloved Kapamilya netizens and mingle with them as well during their appearance in the September 30 episode of Kapamilya Confessions.

But before that, they first played the game called First and Last Challenge, in which they revealed a bit something about themselves.

This primetime series may be her first teleserye ever, but Aya divulged that her first acting role was in Ipaglaban Mo. Wherein she also played a kontrabida character and even had a slapping scene with versatile actress Andrea del Rosario. On the other hand, Nico got his first acting role in the 2005 fantasy series Panday led by seasoned actor Jericho Rosales.

Recalling their first heartbreaks, Nico said that it was to the first girl he courted, though he couldn’t remember anymore who she was exactly. For Aya, it was the death of her grandfather who stood as her father throughout her life.

For their first embarrassing moments in life, Nico shared that it was when he failed to perform his song number when he was in fifth grade, while was during one of her basketball games in high school for Aya.

They were also asked what is the first thing they notice in a person. Aya said that aside from the eyes, the feet since it’s actually her insecurity. Nico also agreed that it’s the eyes, but at the same time, looks at someone’s hands, particularly one’s fingernails.

Moving on to their ‘lasts’, they first shared their last Instagram posts. For Aya, it was her picture during her entrance scene in Ang Sa Iyo ay Akin, while for Nico, it was a birthday greeting for actress Carla Martinez.

For the last time they said ‘I love you’, Aya imparted that it was when she replied to her mom after receiving a ‘good luck’ message from her. Nico, on the other hand, said ‘I love you’ last to his wife. They were also asked the last text message they sent and it was the same message for Aya, while it was “pabukas ng ilaw” for Nico that he sent to his wife.

Meanwhile, Aya disclosed that the last time she cried was the night before their Kapamilya Chat interview as the negative things brought by the pandemic are taking a toll on her, while Nico did it when he and his wife had a fight.

When it comes to the last person or thing they were thinking, Aya said that it’s Nico since they were talking, while it’s his wife and his kids for him.

Moving on to the netizens’ questions, Aya divulged that there are going to be more intense than just the fight scenes, when asked if there are going to be fight scenes in the next episode.

They also shared their experience working with seasoned actresses like Jodi Sta. Maria and Iza Calzado. Aya confessed that she initially got scared of Jodi as the latter looked so intimidating, but she’s thankful for the help of both stars especially every time they coach and guide her. Nico, on the other hand, expressed how equally amazed he is at how great the actresses are in their craft.

As for their two-week lock-in taping, Aya shared that compared to her first experience in Ipaglaban Mo, the difference includes the observance of safety protocols like wearing of face shields and facemasks all the time and observing social distancing even when they’re inside the dressing room. For Nico, the first week of lock-in taping was challenging for him because he was away with his family, but he’s delighted to have found a new family with his co-artists. Another challenge for him was was wearing protective gears all the time because it could feel uncomfortable sometimes.

When asked how it feels to be a new kontrabida, Aya conveyed that the primary challenge she sees is how she can put herself in the shoes of her character and how she can relate herself more to the role she portrays. They both credited the whole production staff of the series for guiding and assisting them the entire time.

They were also asked which character they’re going to choose if given a chance to switch roles with their co-actors. The rookie actress said that maybe she’d want to portray the role of Gabriel as she thinks it would be very challenging to effectively do it. For Nico, it would be the Jimmy Marquez’s Pinky, saying, “There are no small roles, only small actors”.

As to how they prepared for this project, it was through regularly attending Star Magic’s workshops, which started since the implementation of the enhanced community quarantine. She also writes down all her lines and her inner monologue and observes her co-actors on how they act. Looking back to the moment she was informed that she’s going to play the role of Agatha in the newest series, she recounted being so grateful about it.

On the other hand, Nico also felt so grateful and happy to be given the opportunity to be included in the main cast. He emphasized that he’s very blessed to be given a job in the middle of this pandemic. In terms of his preparation, Nico said he just infused a little of what the directors wanted from him and the rest was just him being himself.

They were also asked what they discovered with themselves during quarantine. Being the type of person who always plans for her day, her week, and even for the whole year, Aya shared that she learned how to slow down, breathe, and relax this quarantine. Meanwhile, Nico has proven that he could actually create vlogs. He was encouraged by friends to do that even before but refused, thinking that he couldn’t do it. But during the quarantine, he realized that it’s just easy to apply edits on your videos and create a vlog out of it.

When asked if they are #TeamMarissa or #Team Ellice, Aya said that regardless of her character, she chooses to be on Ellice’s side, emphasizing that it’s not her fault that Marissa voluntarily sent herself to jail. Besides, the only shortcoming of Ellice was she didn’t show much appreciation to Marissa.

Meanwhile, Nico is personally on Marissa’s side as he sees her as a fighter after all the sufferings and challenges that she has experience in her whole life, yet Marissa gets nothing from all her sacrifices and hardships.

Regarding their thoughts on love and friendship based from the series, Nico said that you could really see Ellice and Marissa’s friendship through their strong bond despite the fact that Marissa has plans of revenge. Aya, on the other hand, believes that love and friendship will always seek and fight for the truth.

Lastly, Aya and Nico shared what they want to do once the pandemic is over and what they want to achieve in the future. Nico said that he really wants to travel and dreams of becoming a matinee idol someday. Meanwhile, Aya expressed her yearning to start vlogging or creating a “vodcast” (video podcast) since she really is fond of writing.

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