Heartbreaking, riveting verbal exchanges in Week 12 of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin

In the recent weeks, we’ve consistently witnessed scorching and intense scenes in the controversial series Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin that shoved us at the edge of our seats and made us yearn to see the next episodes. 

However, in its 12th week, we probably found ourselves misty-eyed and shocked at some point as the episodes were comprised of scenes that also rend our hearts and blew our minds. Nonetheless, we’re still able to hear powerful linyahan and riveting exchanges from the characters.

Take a look back on some of those through these episode highlights!



Even though the once-beautiful friendship of his wife Ellice (Iza Calzado) and her bestfriend Marissa (Jodi Sta. Maria) got tainted because of him, Gabriel (Sam Milby) still considers the latter as a true friend, not to mention that she’s the mother of his other child. 

Knowing that she’s the reason behind their marital woe, Marissa couldn’t help but think that he’s remorseful of what happened to them.

Pinagsisihan mo ba na may nangyari sa atin? Na meron tayong Jacob?

Pinagsisihan ko na nagtaksil ako sa asawa ko. Pero, Marissa, ‘di ko pinagsisihan na may Jacob ako. I just wish we had different circumstances when we had him. Ibang panahon, ibang pagkakataon.

Gabriel consoled by reminding her that “You are a good person. You have a beautiful heart,” and that “you deserve to be loved in a right way”.

Meanwhile, just when she thought that she had found an ally in their childhood friend Francis (Joem Bascon), Ellice instead got herself in a difficult situation as she got kissed by him and she discovered his real motive in reappearing in her life. Unbeknown to her, he actually witnessed the crime she committed and knew that Marissa just covered up for her.

Thus, she asked him, “Anong gusto mo? Sabihan mo sa akin kung anong gusto mo.”

“Ikaw. Ikaw ang gusto ko.

“Over my dead body.”

Tingnan natin kung anong sasabihin ng asawa mo kapag nalaman niyang ikaw talaga ang pumatay kay Victor at inosente ang kabit niya.”



“What exactly do you want?” 

This was what Ellice indignantly asked Francis when he dropped by her office the next day for their supposed business meeting, to which he slyly retorted, “Alam ko na alam mo kung anong gusto ko. Mag-iinvest ako sa kompanya n’yo. Spend the night with me.”

“What makes you think na papayag ako?

Ellice, alam ko kung gaano mo kamahal ang asawa mo at ang reputasyon mo. Kaya pag-isipan mong mabuti kung ayaw mong lumabas ‘yong sikreto mo.

When she saw Gabriel emerged by the doorway with flowers and chocolates in his hands, she hastily took the little red card Francis was handing to her – which signified that she accepted her indecent proposal. 

As soon as the visitor left, Gabriel talked to her and quizzed about her relationship with Francis, to which she irately responded “Pinagdududahan mo ba ako? Palibhasa gawain mo, ninyo ni Marissa!” She then asked him to leave.

Gabriel bumped into Marissa in his way out of the office and told her about Francis. Although she’s not in good terms with Ellice, she reminded him “Hindi magagawa ni Ellice ‘yon. Hindi man kami okay ngayon, pero sinasabi ko sa’yo, ‘di siya gano’ng klaseng tao. Hindi cheater si Ellice.”



As soon as he received Francis’ email, Gabriel got shocked and instantly furious upon discovering that it was actually his wife who’s the real culprit to the crime to which Marissa got incarcerated.  

Mahal kita pero ‘di ko pala kilala ‘yong taong pinakasalan ko. Ngayon, lalo kong naiintindihan si Marissa. Minahal ka niya Ellice, sinakripisyo n’ya ang sarili niya para sa’yo. Pero wala ka palang kayang mahalin kundi ang sarili mo,” he told himself. 

On the other hand, in her soliloquy, Marissa couldn’t help but be emotional as she recalled the hardships she went through and told herself, “Bata pa lang tayo naiinggit na ako sa’yo dahil nasa ‘yo na ang lahat. No’ng pinabayaan mo ako, ginusto kong agawin sa’yo ang lahat. Pero ang isang bagay na kinaiinggitan ko sa iyo na hindi ko pwedeng makuha dahil alam ko sa’yo siya masaya. Sa huli, wala pala akong naagaw sa’yo kundi isang payneta.” 

As soon as Ellice arrived at their home, Gabriel immediately confronted her by reprimanding her on how she made him feel guilty about his lies when what she did was worse than his mistakes. 

“How do you sleep at night? Knowing na may ibang taong nagdusa dahil sa ginawa mong kasalanan!” he uttered, reminding her of how she’s been so harsh to Marissa despite of everything she’d done for her. Then he continued, “How do you sleep at night? And yet gano’n mo pa rin tratuhin si Marissa? Si Marissa na kahit sa akin, hindi ka nilaglag. Alam mo, Ellice, napaka-selfish mo. Napaka-selfish mo at wala kang puso!

When Gabriel told Marissa that he already knew the truth, he asked her why did she do that unbelievable deed, to which she answered, “Dahil minahal ko siya bilang kapatid. Dahil kaya kong ibigay ‘yong buong buhay ko para sa kanya kahit siya tingi-tingi. At higit sa lahat, ‘di ako ako bumibitaw.



As she heard the painful conversation of Marissa and Gabriel, Lucing (Maricel Soriano) was in utter disbelief to find out that her daughter has been innocent to after all this time. 

In their heart-to-heart talk, Marissa opened up on her, tearfully saying, “Sobra-sobra akong nasaktan ni Ellice kaya bumalik ako ‘Nay para maghiganti sa kanya. Pero ayoko na po ng gano’ng buhay, ‘Nay. Araw-araw kinakain ka ng galit sa puso mo. Gusto ko na lang po ngayon tahimik na buhay, ‘Nay.

She felt sorry about what happened to her and repeatedly apologized for not being there for her in those years, “Anak, patawarin mo ako, patawarin mo ako. Patawarin mo ako, patawad ‘nak. Wala man lang akong nagawa para maligtas ka. Hindi kita naipagtanggol.” 

The next day, Lucing angrily confronted Ellice and conveyed her disappointment over what happened to Marissa. She accused her of not having conscience and regretted defending her against her own daughter and for apologizing for what Marissa did to her.

Ellice tearfully confessed that she wasn’t actually aware of what happened to Marissa and wouldn’t want to happen that as well to her if ever she knew about it. 

Alam kong mali ang ginawa ko, ‘Nay. Nagyon alam ko na kung gaano kasakit ang mapagsinungalingan. Pero maniwala kayo sa’kin, ‘Nay, hindi ko sinasadya, ‘Nay. Patawarin n’yo po ako, ‘Nay,” she pleaded.



Maawa ka naman anak sa sarili mo.”

This was what Lucing advised Marissa when she told her that she would be having dinner with Gabriel one evening.  As we all know, Lucing is against her daughter’s closeness with him, but Marissa refused to only sit and watch, so she told her mom, “Nay, alam ko ho ang ginagawa ko. Sana maging masaya na lang kayo para sa akin.”

As one of the employees caught Gabriel and Marissa together, the news immediately spread like wildfire in the office and absolutely infuriated Ellice. 

Thus, as soon as Marissa stepped in, she immediately slapped her on the face and expressed her wrath against her.

“You, whore. Talagang nakipaglandian ka pa sa asawa ko sa harap ng opisina ko? Palibhasa, kabit ka! Ganyan ba talaga kayong mga kabit? Hindi ka na ba tinatablan ng hiya? Siguro, dahil matagal mo nang tinapon ang dignidad mo at respeto sa sarili mo dahil uhaw na uhaw ka sa pagmamahal,” Ellice uttered.

Marissa fiercely clapped back, “Baka nakakalimutan mo, Ellice, matagal na kitang prinoprotektahan. Kung gusto kong agawin ang asawa mo, dapat noon palang nilabas ko na ang baho mo. Pero siya mismo ang nagdesisyon na iwanan ka. Kaya minsan, tingnan-tingnan mo rin ang sarili mo sa salamin para makita mo na kagagawan mo rin ang lahat ng ‘to. Para makita mo kung bakit siya nasusuklam sa’yo bago mo padapuin ‘yang madumi mong kamay sa mukha ko.

Pierced by what Marissa said, Ellice threatened her, saying, “Isinusumpa ko, Marissa. Bago mo makuha si Gabriel, papatayin muna kita.
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