We rank the fieriest clashes between Ellice and Marissa in Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin from “chill” to “intense” in this feature.

Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, one of the most iconic revenge teleseryes, has been serving viewers their much-needed daily dose of drama between the two iconic bida-kontrabidas, Ellice (Iza Calzado) and Marissa (Jodi Sta. Maria) for several weeks now, so as it’s nearing its end, it's hard for us to let it go.

As the two have been through so many altercations, we sometimes forget how their conflict even began. If we look back, Marissa and Ellice were once the best of friends. With Marissa as a child of Nanay Lucing (Maricel Soriano) who serves in Villa Ceñidoza and Ellice as the beloved daughter in the wealthy Ceñidoza family.

However, the two girls’ friendship start to fall apart when Ellice accidentally kills the governor’s son, Victor, during his attempt to rape her. In the hopes to protect the Ceñidoza family reputation, Ellice’s father convinces Marissa to take the blame with the promise that she would not go to jail. However, this promise did not hold and Marissa, despite being innocent, was left to suffer in jail while Ellice escaped her cruel fate.

When the time comes for the two to reunite, their complicated relationship becomes even more twisted. More secrets, lies, and plots emerge leaving us with countless Ellice and Marissa face-offs. So much so that we lost track already of how many, but there are specific ones that we’ll never forget. Here are Ellice and Marissa’s most remarkable confrontations ranked from relatively chill to serious to intense.

Ellice stops the elevator to confront Marissa (Chill)

Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin doesn’t always need loud shouting to make us feel the curling anger and emotion of its characters. In this scene where Ellice and Marissa are alone in an elevator, you could already feel the major tension even in silence.

Marissa eventually breaks the quiet and makes conversation to get under Ellice’s skin. Ellice calmly plays along and comes back at her with her resolution to find out all of Marissa’s secrets. Despite Marissa challenging Ellice to look for skeletons in her closet, Ellice calls her bluff claiming that only the truth can tell which of them is in the right. As this got on Marissa’s nerves, she threatened to steal back everything Ellice took from her, but Ellice cleverly tells her she has nothing to take back because they were never hers in the first place and cleverly says, “Kahit kailan, hindi magiging iyo ang akin.”

Ellice rejects Marissa's proposal (Chill)

In this other scene during a meeting in the Ceñidoza Pearls company, Marissa and Ellice reach a more heated debate, but no physical blows are unleashed yet.

As Marissa presents her business proposal for the expansion of their company to Southeast Asian countries, Ellice cuts her presentation short by raising her concerns about why the proposal would not be a profitable investment. Although the two businesswomen were raising valid points, it was clear that they had an underlying personal distaste for each other.

Ellice calls Marissa plastic (Serious)

Before we move onto some more serious arguments they had, we can’t help but give props to their ingenious biting comebacks at each other.

In this scene where Ellice is finally seeing Marissa’s true colors and intentions, she enters the room with a thirst for blood, “Tigilan mo na ‘yang pagka-plastic mo because I’m ready to burn you and when plastic burns, it smells.”

Marissa, without missing a beat, says “Mauuna ka muna... Dahil buhay ka pa sinusunog na ang kaluluwa mo sa impyerno.”

Marissa points out to Ellice all the sacrifices she had made for her (Serious)

When deep emotion gets mixed into the situation, their clashes become even more arresting. As the two have been recently reunited in this scene, we see how Ellice has completely lost trust in Marissa and the latter could not accept that she is being treated that way by her former friend.

While in tears, Marissa reminds Ellice how she sacrificed her life and even her company for her. Counting it as the last straw, Marissa tells Ellice, “You don’t deserve my loyalty! You don’t deserve my love!”

Marissa reminds Ellice of her life debt (Serious)

Later in the serye, Ellice doesn’t seem to care about Marissa’s sacrifices because in her book, Marissa caused her equal amounts of pain and emotional abuse, most especially when she previously stole and played her husband Gabriel (Sam Milby).

This doesn’t make Marissa back down and says to Elise with eyes of contempt, “Babalik ako at sisingilin kita”

Ellice kneels in front of Marissa (Intense)

There was a time that Ellice tried to make peaceful amends, but it quickly turned into a seriously devastating situation. With Ellice’s daughter Hope (Kira Balinger) on the doors of death due to leukemia, she could only turn to Marissa to ask for her son’s bone marrow donation because he is a donor match for Hope.

Marissa takes advantage of this moment by allowing the donation but only under the condition that Ellice will sell half of her shares to Marissa, something she has had her eyes on from the beginning. Despite Ellice’s dissent, she could only agree to the deal to save her only daughter’s life, making the conflict between her and Marissa grow deeper than ever before.

Marissa slaps Ellice for letting Lucing get imprisoned (Intense)

Surely, you can already see how emotionally-packed their scenes together can be, so adding some physical strikes is like adding tons of fuel to the fire.

During the time Nanay Lucing got imprisoned, Marissa could not help but blame Ellice. Regardless of the claims that it was not Ellice that had her mother imprisoned, she is left to doubt it because it happened on the exact day they had an important bid that Ellice’s company was also competing in.

Given that Ellice benefitted from Nanay Lucing’s absence since they won the bid, Marissa immediately crashes Ceñidoza’s celebratory party and lands a slap on Ellice’s face. Their argument reaches a point where Marissa screams how she could not believe Ellice would easily throw Nanay Lucing, someone dear to her, under the bus. Marissa leaves with a vow that she will have her revenge. 

Ellice humiliates Marissa in front of the employees (Intense)

Their fights grew more intense when Marissa was removed from her position in Ceñidoza Pearls. After everything she has done to make Ellice’s company thrive, she is easily cast aside by Ellice.

Right after receiving her termination letter, Marissa storms into a room full of employees to demand her place back. Ellice asks her to stop making a scene, but Marissa refuses, “Hindi ako nanggugulo. You are robbing me of my future for the second time. I’m not gonna take it sitting down!”

Fed up, Ellice slaps her face and exposes her to everyone in the room as the woman that tried to seduce her husband. She pushes her to the ground and reaches for a wet rag to throw at her face, mockingly telling her to clean up the mess that she is.

Marissa and Ellice slap each other (Intense)

The most iconic and intense commotion, however, has to be this party scene as Ceñidoza Pearls celebrates one of its milestones because it made our jaws drop straight to the floor.

Ellice basks in the honor as she claims credit to the company success despite Marissa being the one who spearheaded the project. Before she has even left the spotlight, Marissa walks up to her and accuses her of stealing the glory. Seeing the tension between them grow, Gabriel tries to break off the impending fight.

Ellice tries to gracefully remove her from the situation, but not long after, Marissa pulls her back and rips off her pearl necklace. As pearls scatter to the floor, Ellice slaps Marissa’s face and a hair-pulling brawl ensues.

As it broke it off, Ellice bellows, “Ngayon sabihin mo sa akin, ano ang mas masakit? ‘Yung sampal ko o ang sinasabi mong pang-aagaw ko? Hindi ba masakit maagawan? And now you know exactly what it feels like.”

This leaves Marissa speechless so Ellice continues to enumerate the things Marissa could only wish could be hers — her projects, the company, and even Gabriel — and declares “Lahat ng inaangkin mo at pinipilit mong iyo ay akin.”

With the show onto it’s finale, do you think there will be a scene that could top these face-offs?

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