Katrina's biggest secret revealed in "And I Love You So"

Alfonso (Tonton Gutierrez) discovers more of Katrina's evil ways as he finds out that he is not the true father of Trixie (Julia Barretto) in "And I Love You So."

As Katrina brings havoc to the lives of Michelle (Dimples Romana) and Joanna (Miles Ocampo), Alfonso faces the revelation that Trixie is not his daughter, as confirmed by a DNA test saying they are not genetically matched. With so much anger in him, Alfonso makes sure he uses this as an ace in his battle against Katrina’s appeal on their annulment case.

Can Trixie accept the fact that Alfonso is not her true father? Does Katrina have other surprises up her sleeves?Don’t miss the thrilling scenes in “And I Love You So,” weekdays in ABS-CBN.

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