Julia Barretto and Miles Ocampo battle for love and family in “And I Love You So”

Julia Barretto and Miles Ocampo battle for love and family in And I Love You So  1

The ultimate fight for love and family begins when ABS-CBN and Dreamscape Entertainment Television’s newest offering “And I Love You So,” which stars Julia Barretto and Miles Ocampo together with seasoned actresses Angel Aquino and Dimples Romana, premieres on Monday (Dec 7).

And I Love You So” revolves around the lives of Trixie (Julia Barretto) and Joanna (Miles Ocampo), who will find themselves pitted against each other in everything they want. They become bitter rivals in school and even in love when they fall for the same guy – Internet sensation Justin (Inigo Pascual).

But their rivalry intensifies and becomes more complicated when they are forced to live under one roof as stepsisters.

Their lives change when their parents – Joanna’s mother Michelle (Dimples Romana) and Trixie’s father Alfonso (Tonton Gutierrez) – unexpectedly meet again. After years of being separated from each other, Alfonso takes his chance to ask Michelle – her true love – to marry him amidst the disapproval of Trixie.

But as they start to live their lives anew as one family, Katrina (Angel Aquino), Trixie’s mother and Alfonso’s first wife, returns after having abandoned both of them years ago without explanation.

Now that she’s back, Katrina is determined to win back everything Michelle took away from her: her husband, her daughter, and her wealth.

How will Michelle protect the family she has longed for, as well as her and Alfonso’s love?

Will Trixie and Joanna learn to accept their new family and treat each as sisters, or will their rivalry destroy their only chance at having a complete and loving family? Will Trixie be able to forgive and accept Katrina despite the latter abandoning her?

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