REVIEW: Thrilling, intense “And I Love You So” finale no one saw coming

Final act

Katrina’s final act was as heroic as her previous gestures of change, and this truly solidifies her impact on the lives of not only her daughter Trixie, but also to Michelle and Joanna, with whom she had a despicable past. And that truly made the experience enlightening and inspiring, especially with the continuing message of love and sacrifice being spread out.

And that is proof of remarkable Angel Aquino carried the character to enormous lengths and provided the spark for all to see. She is definitely one incredible actress we should see more of. It also brought the best out of a distinctively insane and irritating Dexter, which Jay Manalo personified with utter brilliance. While it was not Jay’s first outing as a villain in a teleserye, his portrayal was so specially deep and absorbed that you can’t really distinguish the actor from the character you see.


And, of course, Julia Barretto was a delightful revelation in carrying a complicated character to the fore, from day one. In fact, even social media observed how she was a natural for the role, and definitely we should all agree with that. Her development in internalizing the shams, quirks, and monstrosity of Trixie and her eventual transformation surely gives her profundity and skill in further characterizations.

Miles Ocampo is truly one young star in the offing and her performance on And I Love You So attests to this promise. Her appealing persona and captivating portrayal of Joanna should make producers book her for her next leading role. Dimples Romana, of course, will never fail us in personifying that loving and caring mom, who’ll undergo anything for her children’s sake, even if they are not her own.

Surely, this Dreamscape Entertainment production was a thrilling ride under the fantastic direction of Jerome Pobocan and Jon Villarin. The finale gave us that intrinsic message that powerful storytelling will always be that effective in inspiring and enriching our lives.

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