REVIEW: Thrilling, intense “And I Love You So” finale no one saw coming

Rarely do we witness a teleserye finale as climactic and suspenseful, and quite impressively, the otherwise heavy drama “And I Love You So” pulled it off. While most other shows offer predictable shifts in storyline, this particular episode has that element wherein you really should watch and know for yourself how the ending will happen.

Character build-up


Character build-up was very exciting and thrilling; so well laid out and interesting that even those who missed the entire series and only watched the finale would immediately comprehend and understand where each character was coming from and eventually end up.

At an instant, you would know why Katrina (Angel Aquino) was turning a new leaf and both hell-bent and heaven-sent to fix all the destruction she has caused. You would also immediately understand the deep anger Dexter (Jay Manalo) feels towards the protagonists and why he was on that violent spree and wanted to end it all.

No-nonsense lass


Trixie (Julia Barretto) presented herself as one no-nonsense lass who will fight till the end and never give up with eyes so stern and fearless even with a gun pointed at her, or getting a painful sucker punch that did not throttle her. And while she had suffered the most from Trixie’s “badass” ways in the past, Joanna (Miles Ocampo) was that affectionate and caring to her supposed stepsister, who had eventually become her foster sibling.

When Dexter emerged “from the grave” to wreak havoc on the Valdez family and kidnapped Trixie and Joanna and brought them to the woods, you could just feel the intensity of the colliding personalities and their backstories. And while Dexter was taken aback by the revelation from Katrina that Trixie is his daughter, you will notice that inner struggle of trying to make sense of everything—if he will believe Katrina, embrace Trixie as his own, or if he will just reject Katrina’s “lies” and put an end to these “traitors,” especially the poor Joanna, whom Dexter singled out as his prime murder target.

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