Michelle, Joanna Fight For Truth and Legal Rights Versus Katrina, Trixie

Michelle (Dimples Romana) and Joanna (Miles Ocampo) will not let Katrina (Angel Aquino) and Trixie (Julia Barretto) win their fight as they continue to search for the truth and battle for their right as the real Valdezes​ in the last two weeks of the afternoon series “And I Love You So.”

Now that Joey (Benjie Paras) and Michelle know ​about ​the relationship Katrina and Dexter ha​s been hiding for years, their lives will but put to danger as the couple burn down their house to stop them from ruining their plans.

But ​Katrina and Dexter will soon lose the upper hand because Trixie will discover the truth ​about them and catch them kissing, adding more reasons for Trixie to hate her mother.

Now that she knows her mother’s best kept secrets​, will Trixie also discover that Dexter is her real father? What will Michelle do​ once she finds out that Katrina burned their house down? Can Michelle and Joanna still prove that they ​are the real Valdez​es​?

Since the show aired on television, viewers ​have been hooked ​on Katrina and Michelle’s story of friendship that led to rivalry when they loved the same man Alfonso​ (Tonton Guttierez)​. Coincidentally, he also became the father of their daughters Trixie and Joanna.

But history repeat​ed​ itself as Joanna and Trixie bec​ame bitter rivals in school and in love, both falling for Justin​ (Inigo Pascual)​, an internet sensation. But the real competition ensued when they discovered they both shar​ed the same father, making matters worse between the half-sisters.

However, Katrina knew how to play her cards well as she was the only one who knew that Alfonso (Tonton Gutierrez) is not Trixie’s real father but Dexter, the bartender she had ​a ​relationship with for years.

Playing the lead role for the first time, Miles proved her prowess in acting and kept up with the seasoned actors and actress​es​ ​in the soap.

While most people hated ​Julia’s character ​in the series, ​she proved that she is not just a pretty face but also a talented actress that can portray kontrabida roles effectively.

Aside from the two teen stars, seasoned actresses Dimples Romana and Angel Aquino lived up ​to the​ viewers’​ expectations and delivered stellar performances in the afternoon series.

Under the direction of Onat Diaz and Jon Villarin, the hit afternoon series is produced by Dreamscape, the makers of phenomenal teleseryes “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano,” “On the Wings of Love,” and “Doble Kara.”

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