Level Up Acting: A Year after Just Julia

In 2015, we witnessed the grand 18th birthday of Julia Barretto. It centered on the concept and tagline "Just Julia" because the young Barretto wants to showcase who she really is behind the camera as a normal teenager like everybody else—just Julia. As much as possible, she wants to steer clear of the common judgment thrown to the faces of the Barretto sisters—Marjorie, Gretchen, and Claudine. She wants to pave her own path in the entertainment industry and come up with her own style in acting and be known with her own version of elegance and grace.

Indeed, the young Barretto has a made a name for herself since then.

Just last year, she starred in a teen romance film titled "Para sa Hopeless Romantic" alongside Iñigo Pascual, James Reid, and Nadine Lustre. The movie, which was released in May, was directed by Andoy Ranay and based on the Wattpad romantic novel of the same name by Marcelo Santos III. The story follows the life of Becca (Lustre) who had her heart broken by Nikko (Reid). To cope, she started writing a story about Ryan (Pascual), a boy who has a crush on Mara (Barretto), his bestfriend.

Para sa Hopeless Romantic Trailer

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