Magkapatid-Magkaaway: Trixie & Joanna's Five Most Intense Clashes

Ever since "And I Love You So" premiered last December 2015, we witnessed how fighting for love and for family can sometimes get gruesome. At the heart of its story is Trixie (Julia Barretto) and Joanna (Miles Ocampo) who found themselves pitted against each other in everything they want. They aren't only bitter rivals in school but also arch-nemesis for the attention of Internet sensation Justin (Iñigo Pascual). This rivalry got even more complicated when they were forced to live under one roof as stepsisters.

As we see the end in tonight's episode of AILYS, let's take a look at the five confrontations between Trixie and Joanna:

 1) Who's the Captain?

In a highschool match between the Lady Sparks and Gold Blockers, Trixie went head to head with Joanna to defend their respective volleyball teams. The latter team won, the same group that Captain Ball Trixie commented as "obscure school" and "pagpaparaktisan lang." When Lady Sparks' coach recruited Joanna for their varsity team, a rivalry on the court instantly started.




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