It’s Complicated? Let TonDeng school you on keeping your romance stronger and happier

It can be recalled that Anton (Ian Veneracion) and Andeng (Bea Alonzo) got hitched only two months after making their relationship official. Others might find it inappropriate since they only knew each other for a just a short time—a ‘whirlwind’ romance. 

Add to that the troubles of having to deal with an ex-wife and her kids, and other complications surrounding their relationship, such as hostility from their respective families.

But despite this, Anton and Andeng or TonDeng fought for their love, walked down the aisle, and has overcame serious challenges while keeping their love burning.

How did they do it? Here’s how:

Communication is key

In every relationship, constant communication is essential. Anton and Andeng are still able to talk about how their day went, the children, and anything under the sun. Even when at work, they also make sure that they call or text to check each other out, to cheer them up, or just simply say ‘I love you’. Both of them speak their minds to avoid problems. 

Strong source of support

They have been each other’s rock with the challenges that came their way. When their loved ones objected their relationship, they stayed by each other’s side and showed them how willing they are to fight for their love. Anton was there to the rescue when Mame was hospitalized and when Grace continuously bugged Andeng. In return, our heroine didn’t leave her beau’s side when he was troubled with the accident that happened in their company.

Always have quality time

Despite the grueling demands at work, TonDeng always make it a point to have their alone, quality time. Couples can already have their quality by just simply chatting before they sleep, some bonding moments, or traveling together to work. It doesn’t matter when and where you’re going to hold your date, as long as you’re together.  Just like when Anton brought Andeng to a fun motorcycle ride in the middle of the night and to their family rest house to spend the whole day with her. 

Don’t forget surprises

Sometimes, words and actions aren’t enough. From time to time, even if there’s no occasion, giving gifts to your better half is a must. Take it from Anton who seems to be the master of surprises. May that be a simple montage of your pictures together pasted on your closet door, serenading her with your theme song, or giving her things that she will surely use often and will remember you. It should never be mistaken with materialism because more than the tangible gift, it’s the thought and feelings that count.

“Smiley Time” is a must

After a very long and exhausting day at work, wouldn’t it be so satisfying and comforting to fall into the arms of the love of your life and share what TonDeng calls “Smiley Time.” 

Having those private and intimate moments together in bed is most necessary for TonDeng. It is not only pleasurable and satisfying, it also keeps the bond between husband and wife stronger. 

TonDeng really show #RelationshipGoals and #MarriageGoals even in the most complicated circumstances. Watch the triumph of A Love To Last in its farewell episode tonight, Friday, September 22 after La Luna Sangre on Primetime Bida.