All-around Anton: Juggling time as boss, dad, friend, son, hubby is as easy as 1-2-3

Every one of us has a great number of duties to fulfill throughout our whole lives, or even within a day. After a day’s toil at work, we also have to take on various responsibilities at home. It’s confusing and exhausting, but just like our dashing man of the hour, Anton (Ian Veneracion), we can nail it with ease.

As a loving father

After Grace’s (Iza Calzado) unforeseen departure, Anton was left to take good care of their three children on his own. And part of his being a doting dad, he had to learn how to balance being cool and being protective, which Chloe (Julia Barretto) and Lucas (JK Labajo) seemed to misunderstand sometimes. He also had to make sure that he’s going to allot a portion in his very busy schedule to attend at their important activities and other needs, just like what he promised them.

As a smart, caring boss

Anton has proven that he’s not only good in handling his family, but he could also do a great job in managing CELBA, his company, and even their household servants. Like any other superiors worth looking up to, he would reprimand them when something went wrong but will praise if they successfully accomplished their tasks, plus, he would also strike up a random chat or bond with them in some precious moments.

As a steadfast friend

In times of trouble, our hero would be there to cheer up and help his friend/s in need. At the same time, they would also be there for him when he feels down and pacify him through a few shots of liquor, rounds of games, or even take him to a club!

As a good son

Anton and his father Tony (Tirso Cruz III) had faced strife, but eventually this good son learned to be humble and make peace with his dad with the help of Andeng (Bea Alonzo), who organized his mom Cecilia’s (Anna Marin) birthday party. Thus, everything finally went well between them during the celebration.

As an endearing beau and hubby

Amidst all the issues he had to mind as a father and a boss, Anton didn’t let those fully stole from him another thing that makes him absolutely happy and in love – Andeng. Even before they became official, he never forgot to take her on dates, until now that they’re married and busy with their respective jobs. He assures to make her feel happy and secured always.

Let’s cherish all the remaining moments we have with Anton on the final episodes of A Love To Last, all this week after La Luna Sangre on Primetime Bida.