How the Noble kids coped with a painful loss, drastic change on “A Love To Last”

Being in a broken family is tough, especially when the mother decides all is a lost cause and leaves. While it is quite painful for a father to accept, it is all the more traumatic for the children who were left behind.

And, of course, witnessing their father finding new love makes things even more puzzling, confusing, troubling and complicated for the children to handle.

Who is the new woman in our dad’s life? How can we cope? How can we accept it knowing that our real mother is very much alive and well? These are some questions that will definitely boggle them to no end. Unfortunately, especially for the Noble children in A Love to Last, they had to make a difficult journey mostly on their own in answering these questions.

Here the grueling, bothersome, yet fulfilling stages of coping they have gone through.

1. Denial

Every child’s reaction upon learning their parents’ separation and that their father Anton (Ian Veneracion) found new love would be denial. No, it isn’t true, they tell themselves. Certainly, they still wanted to believe everything is still in their proper places. Nothing has changed. For sure, Lucas (JK Labajo), Chloe (Julia Barretto), and Kitty (Hannah Vito) would want nothing else but to see their mom Grace (Iza Calzado) still keeping watch over them like old times.

But when she did leave, all the children would only think is that all is just temporary. She’s coming back. Even with Andeng (Bea Alonzo) coming in, they thought it would just be something that will soon pass.

2. Anger

And when your mom decides it is over between her and your father, and your dad immediately replacing her with someone new, anger would definitely set in. Just like what happened when JK drew a fit against his dad and blamed him for Grace leaving them and seeking an annulment.

Chloe, who had initially supported her dad’s “situation,” was still vexed upon learning that the event planner she knew and trusted, was now a stepmother-to-be.


As the children’s anger sets in, rebellion is sure to follow. They would disobey or oftentimes get into loggerheads with their parents for placing them in a “no-win” situation.

Lucas couldn’t accept what has happened and always took his father to task for the hurt he has caused Grace, and the seeming “last straw” of falling in love again with another woman. This rebellion went further to sinister pranks and ploys just to put a stop to the blooming romance, even if it would take disrespecting Andeng, just to have his mom Grace back and make their family complete again.

But of course, all went for naught.

4. Surrender

Recognizing that their father’s love for a woman not their mom was real, the children would certainly feel dejected and depressed at first as they wave the white flag of surrender.

They would definitely stare at a reality that they won’t be able to bring back the kind of family they enjoyed in the past. This should be the most tedious stage of coping as they try to learn to turn a new leaf and move on with a “new mom in the house.”

It’s a difficult process, just like when Lucas lost hope in bringing his mom back that led him to fits of depression and got him into frequent fights with his dad. Unknown to Anton, Chloe likewise felt depressed albeit silently, but thanks to her friends’ support, she overcame it.

They would realize in the end that matters of the heart, even if it’s their dad’s, are things they can’t change.

5. Acceptance

And, after surrendering to such a predicament beyond their control, children would eventually learn to accept.

Seeing how happy and motivated their dad was in the arms of his newfound love, Chloe gradually accepted it, despite concerns Anton might get hurt again. For Kitty, it was never been a problem since she’s been pining to have a mother since Grace’s painful and unforeseen departure when she was still younger and her fondness of Andrea had been pretty obvious since she first saw her now new mom.

When it comes to Lucas, TonDeng had to be patient and perseverant in order to win his approval. After a day of bonding with Andeng during their Ilocos sojourn and a thorough heart-to-heart talk, he finally accepted their relationship.

What children go through in such a situation may be unfortunate yet unavoidable. It surely takes a lot of communication, understanding, and immeasurable love to let them survive the ordeal. Luckily, the Nobles share those, whatever it takes.

The final episodes of A Love to Last air this whole week right after La Luna Sangre on Primetime Bida.