Kapamilya React: AC Bonifacio shares experiences, thoughts as she appears in 6th episode of Almost Paradise

From astounding us with her musical performances every Sunday on ASAP Natin ‘To, multi-talented teen sensation AC Bonifacio had impressed us with her dramatic acting chops in the recently concluded sixth episode of the weekly crime series Almost Paradise, wherein she played the teenage Kai Mendoza, impeccably portrayed by Filipina actress Samantha Richelle.

Thus, Entertainment.ABS-CBN.com had her watch scenes from that episode, as well as quizzed her regarding her experiences and thoughts on being part of the series in this latest episode of Kapamilya React.

AC Bonifacio talks about memorable experiences in working on Almost Paradise

The first scene shown to her was the interment of her mom, wherein she was seen grieving at her grave and Raymond Bagatsing’s character police officer Cesar Rabara approached her to express his condolences. While she was able to fully see the initial few minutes of it, AC couldn’t help but cringe on her close-up shots because she seemingly feels shy and awkward to watch herself.

For this scene, she recalled having to internalize so early because she was scared that no tears would roll down nor she wouldn’t be able to cry when the reels start to roll. She even had to separate herself from everyone on the set in order for her to effectively release the emotions needed on that portion of the episode. And she was able to make it!

“It’s such an honor because it’s the first international series to be shot entirely in the Philippines and the crew was fully Filipino. It was so cool working with all of them. It is an honor po talaga. Kahit ganito lang siya, it’s the greatest thing ever,” she stated when asked how does she feel being a part of Almost Paradise.

The next scene was the adult Kai’s nail-biting altercation with Detective Cesar Rabara (Raymond Bagatsing) at the cemetery, to which AC wasn’t able to hide her amazement on how the two thespians were able to seamlessly pull off that action-packed scene. She also couldn’t help but gush over Samantha, who she described as “so pretty” and “so cool”.

While the series is headlined by American actor Christian Kane and is dominated by male ensemble cast, it still screams women empowerment for the 18-year-old dancer-actress because of how lead female protagonist Kai Mendoza displayed how such a femme fatale she is. 

When asked if she will be interested to take on action scenes in her future rejects, she related that she will surely be inclined to do it because watching its behind-the-scenes made her realize that it’s just like dancing since it also has choreography. 

The same went for the third scene, wherein Kai was able to knock down Detective Rabara in their intense confrontation scene after she found out that he framed her up in the murder of a professor and that he’s the real culprit behind the death of her mom many years ago.

She was once again all praises to Samantha for how she’s able to successfully exude the emotion needed in that particular scene, as well as to how the creators were able to seamlessly execute that plot twist. AC also imparted that she was actually shocked when the director told her that it was Detective Rabara who killed their mom while comforting her after crying hard continuously during the filming of her scene.

For the last scene shown to her, she couldn’t help but smile while watching the transition of Kai from her to Samantha and related how shy she was for being her “mini me” because she’s so pretty on and off the camera.

With regards to her takeaway from working for Almost Paradise, she enthused about the astounding work ethic and professionalism of the cast and crew as they really endured the sweltering heat while filming the action scenes. 

“You should watch out for all of the action. You’ll feel all of these different emotions. It will be a long rollercoaster ride and I hope that you guys enjoy it as much as we all did enjoy shooting it. Make sure to watch Almost Paradise” she ardently uttered as she invited everyone to watch the series.

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