AC Bonifacio talks about memorable experiences in working on Almost Paradise

It indeed rained yellow hearts in the comments section of the latest episode of ABS-CBN Entertainment’s Kapamilya Chat as multi-talented teen sensation AC Bonifacio swung by to invite everyone to watch the upcoming episode of Almost Paradise, wherein she’ll be a part of, as well as to delight us with her bubbliness and fun stories regarding her most recent works.

The virtual conversation commenced with the host and the teen actresses reminiscing the interviews they had in the past years and her imparting the real reason why she’d been so pumped up since the night before during her surprise interaction with her fans on Twitter.

They first talked about AC’s unbelievable cameo stint in the Season 5 of the popular Hollywood series “Riverdale” early this year, wherein she amazed the viewers with her acting and dancing prowess as Star Vixen and her enthralling dance showdown with one of its lead actresses Madeleine Petsch, who plays Cheryl Blossom.

While many assumed that she was chosen for the role, the 18-year-old versatile artist revealed that she actually underwent auditions along with thousands of other dancers. Little did we know that she almost didn’t make it to the show because her mom was initially hesitant to accept it in fears of bringing her into another heartbreak.

Despite the series of failed audition attempts, AC still chose to try her luck by sending her audition tape through her agent and got the part! The great news, which she immediately shared to her friends Darren Espanto and Kyle Echarri, really thrilled and made her realize that if something’s really for you, it’s really for you.

She then went on to chronicle the hectic yet exciting experiences that she had prior and during the filming of that certain episode, as well as her fun off-cam moments with Madeleine.

“It was so fun, I got to work with Madeleine. I met her first at rehearsals but then we really got to talk on the day of auditions na. So, the shoot was only one day, but it was so fun. Tapos hindi siya ‘yong parang after ng scene aalis siya. After the scene she stayed with me and talked to me,” she related.

Then she further enthused, “It was crazy. It’s like a dream dahil fan po talaga ako ng Riverdale since the start. I would always binge-watch it. Sobrang [mahiyain] din po ako kasi first ko lang sa set no’n. We were in the trailer and she was beside me and was getting ready, and she was like, ‘You’re AC, right?’ and I was like, ‘yeah, I’m AC’. And ‘yon po, we started talking na. It’s very nice to see someone you’re watching when you them in person and they’re even nicer than you thought they were. It was dream come true po talaga.”

From one Hollywood production to another, they proceeded to her remarkable thespic gig in the Filipino-American crime drama Almost Paradise, which is produced by ABS-CBN and Electric Entertainment and was entirely shot in the Philippines. She will be appearing in the forthcoming episode, playing the role of the teenage Kai Mendoza (Samantha Richelle).



“It was so cool. It’s another one of the parts na I didn’t expect I would get it. Pumunta po ako do’n sa audition with no expectations at all kasi hindi po talaga ako actress. I’m a performer, I’m dancer, I’m a singer,” she imparted upon being quizzed regarding her journey in the said series. “I went there not expecting anything at all. Ginawa ko po ‘yong scene, pinaiyak po ako, umiyak naman talaga ako, and I think kinaya naman [so] I got the part. Sobrang saya ko po because it’s an international series tapos si Christian Kane pa ‘yong lead. And I was like, ‘wow, this is gonna be so fun to shoot’. I finally got on set and it was a dream po talaga.”

When asked regarding her enthusiasm in taking on a slew of auditions, the young multi-faceted performer confessed that she actually always feels scared and nervous, but those actually help in boosting her adrenaline and in motivating her to do better in her every performance – even in ASAP Natin ‘To.

Since she’s been doing a lot of international projects lately, she was asked if she feels any pressure about it. She retorted that she actually doesn’t want to put too much pressure on herself because it might scare her to do other projects and because she’s also very much open to do any kind of project – regardless if it’s local or international – as long as she can do it. Besides, if ever she’s going to receive offers abroad, she assured her fans that she will always go back in the Philippines since her home and her family are here.

“My next project doesn’t have to be something bigger, as long as me, myself, and I work harder and work better in that project. Even if that’s a small project, pero binigay ko talaga ‘yong 100% ko or 110% ko, okay na po ako do’n. It doesn’t even matter as long as I give my all into it po,” the popular young performer iterated, who once again astounded netizens with her dance cover of Korean pop group BLACKPINK’s “Pretty Savage” recently.

When it comes to working with the local and international artists and production staff and crew, AC shared that apart from the language and the names, she didn’t notice any differences with regards to the professionalism, diligence, and passion of both.

She also animatedly imparted the memorable moments she had before and while filming the sixth episode, which tackles the backstory of the main character Detective Kai Mendoza. First was how she and her family flew straight to their filming location in Cebu as soon as they landed in Manila from Canada in order for her to arrive there on time, and second was how veteran actor Raymond Bagatsing teased her and made fun of her off-cam while preparing for her crying scene.

“He was so nice,” she commented when asked how was it working alongside the veteran actor. “He was really there, making sure that I was okay and he would talk to me until I calm down and everything. He was so nice. It was really a fun scene to do. Kahit sobrang sad ng scene, in between takes, everyone was really nice and he was really nice making conversations with me po.”

The fun and fascinating interview concluded with AC enthusiastically taking on the “Sing The Situation Challenge”, wherein she had to sing a portion of a song that first comes to mind if ever she would be involved in the situations provided by the host. Find out what songs are likely to play on the background if her order in a restaurant or fast-food chain takes too long to arrive, if she gets stuck in the EDSA traffic, if the price of gas increases, if she’s full and satisfied with what she has eaten, if she forgets to bring her phone with her, and if she wins the lottery.

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Don’t forget to catch AC Bonifacio in the sixth episode of Almost Paradise this Sunday, after Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 3, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live and A2Z Channel 11