Friday 5: The Transcending Power of Love in All of Me
What can love do? The afternoon teleserye "All of Me" explores the power of love—how it can move mountains, make a man weep, save your life, and the list goes on. Since its strong debut in August of 2015, the fantaserye has engaged its viewers in tales of love that transcends time, distance, and even logic.

As the series ends today, let's travel back in time and look at this kind of love that only speaks of truth and goes beyond life's greatest challenges.

1) Lena & Manuel
Manuel Figueras (Albert Martinez) left his flourishing career as a doctor to live in an island after his wife, Dianna (Ina Raymundo) dies. Out there in a marooned location, he meets Lena Dimaculangan (Yen Santos). The young lady eventually falls in love with the older man and challenges him to embrace life again and bet on their future together. They seal this confession with a true love's kiss.

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